transfiguration #54


  1. For the Summer, Or Forever by Halftribe on For the Summer, Or Forever
  2. For the Summer, Or Forever by Halftribe on For the Summer, Or Forever
  3. Time Shapes the Lens by The Advisory Circle on Ways of Seeing
  4. Bruma by Nuno Canavarro on Plux Quba
  5. Pishku by BirdZzie on Ninho
  6. A Ver (Stas Remix) by Scooby Dub & Siete Catorce
  7. Caboclo by Lagartijeando on Caboclo
  8. Miniyamba (feat. Min-a & Hajna) by Yeahman! on Botanas Series
  9. Grupo Bahía - Rumba Chonta (Klik & Frik remix) by Klik & Frik on Botanas
  10. Mansaba by Maajo on Defo/ Mansaba
  11. Sidiki's Jam by Sex Judas feat. Ricky on Go Down Judas
  12. Capoeira by Alma Negra on Visions
  13. Boids by Simian Mobile Disco on Murmurations
  14. Aloe Drink (Force of Nature Remix) by Khotin on Aloe Drink
  15. Stay With Me Whatever Happens by JACOPO SB on For U
  16. Convex Reed Walls by Flora FM on Discovery in the Atomic Garden
  17. Dilettante Fonk by SCNTST on Scenes and Sketches from the Lab
  18. Respect The Flute by D. Tiffany on V2M
  19. Addiction (Mushrooms Project Remix) by Fred Berthet on Moments Chapter 2
  20. Acid Party At Teusaquillo (Seb Wildblood Remix by Felipe Gordon on Teusaquillo
  21. Wayward by Calanques (Duke Hugh Remix) on Good Afternoon Mr Magpie Remixed
  22. A FWD Dive by Speed Boat on A FWD Dive
  23. Xilo Di Slamella Che Infilza by Francesco Cavaliere on Xylomania
  24. What I Can See (feat. Micachu) by Ben Vince on Assimilation
  25. Gateway by Shy Layers on Midnight Marker (Beats In Space)