The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #159

usual great selection of out there computer music, plus a live set from Kindohm, recorded at Algorithmic Art Assembly!


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  1. extra stairs by ilkae on formal format (Visit $ Buy
  2. sicko by DJ NICK JERSEY on BLEED (PUPPY03) (Visit $ Buy
  3. 1444rp by PARSA on CODE234 (Visit $ Buy
  4. And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself by LOFT on and departt from mono games (-) $ Buy
  5. Dyspnée by yvanko on Dyspnée / Bouquet d'Encre (Visit $ Buy
  6. Prelude by Simon Grab on Extinction (-) $ Buy
  7. Junction 18 by Ekoplekz on Kirlian Visionz (Visit $ Buy
  8. Poli-ritmo I by Internal N.Y. Rhythms on Poli-ritmo EP (Visit $ Buy
  9. B1 by Ghostride The Drift on Ghostride The Drift (Visit $ Buy
  10. Nice Try Donnie! by Amish Boy on Nice Try Donnie! (Visit $ Buy
  11. Lost Harbour by STL on Take Your Seats Ep (-) $ Buy
  12. The Clappers by LUKID on Drip (-) $ Buy
  13. Double Dip by Refreshers on Pork Pie (Visit $ Buy
  14. Pinnacles of you by Caterina Barbieri on Ecstatic Computation (Visit $ Buy
  15. Live at AAAssembly March 22nd 2019 by Kindohm (-) $ Buy