Tuff Signals


  1. Hiding from the Moon by Pale Lips on After Dark (Alien Snatch!)
  2. Getting Off by Wet Nurse on Last Drop (State Champion Records)
  3. I Don't Want Anymore by Good Shade on Way Out (Dirtnap Records)
  4. Your Bicep by France Camp on Dark Floral (Forged Artifacts)
  5. No End in Sight by Strange Passage on Shouldn't Be Too Long (Syncro System Records)
  6. Manipulation by Full Sun on Thinkin About It (Let's Pretend Records)
  7. Weak Knees by Wine Lips on Stressor (Self Released)
  8. The Seduction of Kansas by Priests on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon Records)
  9. Big Mouth by Necking on Cut Your Teeth (Mint Records)
  10. Too Many Things by Buffet on All-American (Resurrection Records)
  11. Rainbox Shiner by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge Records)
  12. Xena! by The Exbats on E is for Exbats (Self Released)
  13. Canada Dry by Lemon Lime on Shady Bug (Exploding in Sound)
  14. Cuckoo Spit by Chemtrails on Cuckoo Split EP (PNKSLM)
  15. Good Time Charlie by Priests on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon Records)
  16. Tinted Light by Monica LaPlante (Self Released)
  17. Taffyy by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Manic Static)
  18. Let the Good Tides Roll by Bleach Party on NOLA (Self Released)
  19. Dreamer by The Jackets on Queen of the Pill (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
  20. Comin To Get Out Cousins by Fleshies on Introducing The Fleshies (Dirt Cult Records)
  21. Class War by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich (In The Red)
  22. Ghost Days by Sonny & the Sunsets on Hairdresser From Heaven (Rocks in Your Head)
  23. El Poncho Rojo by The Dandelion on Old Habits & New Ways of the Dandelion (Self Release)
  24. Purple Velvet by Frankie & The Witch Fingers on ZAM (Greenway)
  25. PNW by Feral Jenny on Starling (Self Released)
  26. Mean Girl by No Men on Dear God Bring the Doom (Let's Pretend Records)
  27. Gradient by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  28. A Storm Is Coming by Arre! Arre! on Tell Me All About Them (PNKSLM)
  29. Radical by Virvon Virvon on Mind Cancer (Girlsville)
  30. Call for You by Priors on Call for You EP (Slovenly Records)
  31. Bimbo by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  32. Find A Way by FEELS on Post Earth (Wichita)
  33. Midwest Hotel by Mattiel on Customer Copy (Burger Records)
  34. All Right, Yeah by Juliana Hatfield on Weird (American Laundromat)
  35. One Thing by Night Beats on Myth of a Man (Heavenly)
  36. Girl Poem by Keel Her (Self Released)