Melters 022715 w/ guest hosts Kate and Nathan (ARM CANDY)


  1. Think/Explode by Void on Faith/Void Split (Dischord)
  2. Viaje A Egipto by Ataque de Caspa on Supongamos, Por Ejemplo (Self-released)
  3. Captain Hindsight by The Shifters on the Shifters (Comfort 35)
  4. Celestial City by McCarthy on NME C86
  5. Look Back in Anger by Television Personalities on ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  6. God Knows It's True by Teenage Fanclub on God Knows It's True (Paperhouse)
  7. Washed-up at 18 by Floorpunch on Bad Times... (na)
  8. Fight For It by Sorrows on Demo (self-released)
  9. Mannequin by Feature on Tourists EP (self-released)
  10. Tough Luck by Sneaks on Sneaks (Sister Polygon)
  11. Rockin All Over the World by D's Licks on Last Licks (self-released)
  12. Eroi by Impact on Solo Odio (Chaos Produzioni)
  13. Asfalto by Upset Noise on Disperazione Nevrotica (Self-released)
  14. Cheerless Morning by Kansan Uutiset on Beautiful Dreams (Rock-O-Rama)
  15. Realities of War by Discharge on Clay Punk Singles Collection (Clay Records)
  16. Infinito by Sin Motivo on TOUR TAPE MMXIII (self-released)
  17. Paisans by Plutocracy on Sniping Pigz (Six Weeks)
  18. Townie by Mitski on Bury Me At Make Out Creek (Double Double Whammy)
  19. Don't Talk To Me by Home Blitz on Out of Phase (Richie Records)
  20. Round and Round by Dear Nora on We'll Have a Time (Magic Marker Records)
  21. Creaking Gates by Imaginary Pants on Kites at Night (Lost Sound Tapes)
  22. I Understand by The Victims on No Thanks to the Human Turd EP (Self-released)
  23. Glitter of Love by Versus on Secret Swingers (TeenBeat)
  24. Alyosha by Sopors on Golden Era #267 (Mongo Bongo Top Ten Hits)
  25. Acting Strange by Blank Realm on Go Easy (Siltbreeze)
  26. Discipline by Rank/Xerox on Rank/Xerox (Make A Mess)
  27. No Locals by Swanox on Duskrunner (Not Not Fun)
  28. 父ちゃんのポーが聞こえる by Gaseneta on Sooner or Later (PSF Records)
  29. Black Mold by Nots on We Are Nots (Goner Records)
  30. Number 5 by Nine of Swords on Off Your Self-titled (na)
  31. Ice Cubes by The Meltaways on Demo (self-released)
  32. Tribute by Arm Candy on Arm Candy LP (Leak unreleased)
  33. (Are You Happy) by Reagan Youth on Volume 1 (New Red Archives)
  34. I Hate Music by The Mad on S/T (Self-released)