clementine & new springtime janglepop — 12


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  1. Essentially by Japanese Breakfast on Essentially (W) $ Buy
  2. Slow by Starry Eyed Cadet on Slow • Stargazer (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. Falling by Dude York on Falling (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  4. Give/Take by Porridge Radio on Give/Take (Memorials Of Distinction) $ Buy
  5. First Dance for the Last Time by Bubblegum Lemonade on Desperately Seeking Sunshine (Darla) $ Buy
  6. Winter in the Dark by Jeanines on Winter in the Dark (Slumberland) $ Buy
  7. Please don't freak out while you drive my car by theCatherines on Please don't freak out while you drive my car​/​Jingle Jangle (Self Released) $ Buy
  8. Get Down by Haybaby on Get Down (Tiny Engines) $ Buy
  9. Manticore by Flying Fish Cove on At Moonset (Jigsaw) $ Buy
  10. Running Up Dead-End Streets by The Red, Pinks & Purples on Desperate Parties (Self Released) $ Buy
  11. Consolation Prize by Julie Doiron on I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day (Jagjaguwar) $ Buy
  12. She Isn't Counting on a Miracle by The Perfect English Weather on Call Me When The Rain Comes (Matinée) $ Buy
  13. 2 Real by Francis Lung on 2 Real (Memphis Industries) $ Buy
  14. This is Tomorrow by The Groovy Cellar on Soulmates (Firestation) $ Buy