Ep.60 05.19.19 (Japanese Reissues/Ambient/New)


  1. Clair de Lune, No.3 by Isao Tomita on Tomita's Greatest Hits (BMG Music)
  2. Break
  3. Blink by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Music for Nine Post Cards (Empire of Signs)
  4. Island by Kuniyuki Takahashi on Early Tape Works 1986-1993 Vol.2 (Music From Memory)
  5. Love by Akira Ito on Japanesque (ODL)
  6. Break
  7. Mkwaju by Mkwaju Ensemble on Computer Incarnations For World Peace III (Sonar Kollektiv GmbH)
  8. Flour by Satoshi & Makoto on CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Safe Trip)
  9. APPLE STAR by INOYAMALAND on DANZINDAN-POJIDON (New Master Edition) (ExT Recordings)
  10. Release Your Body by Kaito on Special Love (Kompakt)
  11. Funiki by foodman on ODOODO (Mad Decent)
  12. Call Me (feat. Cokiyu) by Okamotonoriaki on A Little Planet (Mu-Nest)
  13. ディスコって by Syunsuke Ono / Shintaro Sakamoto on Disco Is (ディスコって)Syunsuke Ono / Shintaro Sakamoto (Zelone Records)
  14. Life Has Changed by Keita Sano on Explosion (Mister Saturday Night Records)
  15. Question and Answer by Wata Igarashi on Question and Answer (The Bunker New York)
  16. Extra by Ken Ishii on Jelly Tones (R&S Records)
  17. Cherry Blossom by Susumu Yokota on Grinning Cat (Skintone)
  18. Hakobi by Akiko Kiyama on 7 Years (District of Corruption)
  19. Reflects by Aoki Takamasa, Ichiro Yamaguchi on Reflects (Victor Entertainment)
  20. Lovebeat (Not Space) by Yoshinori Sunahara on Lovebeat (Bungalow Records)
  21. Aoyagi by Meitei on Kwaidan (Meitei)