Sorry Caller No One Home


  1. Sorry Caller No One Home by Maj Britt And The Suggestions on Sorry Caller No One Home/No One Home (7
  2. Liebe by Eisener Vorhang
  3. Creeps by Q4U on Rokk í Reykjavík
  4. Tausend Und Ein Gedanke by Uli Fasold
  5. Double Heart by Robert Rental on Double Heart 7
  6. La fille qui rit by Première Classe on Poupée Flash
  7. Male Jeziora (Small Lakes) by Halina Frackowiak on Iron Curtain Call: Dance Music from the Soviet Sphere of Influence (Wifon)
  8. Open by Leon Lowman
  9. Wake Up by Epsilon
  10. Programiraj Me by Rezonansa
  11. Mr. Wong by Bella Vista on Mr. Wong
  12. Vratimo se prirodi by Moni Kovačič
  13. Histoire À Suivre by The Honeymoon Killers on Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel (Riskant)
  14. La Dolce Vita by Marion (Clemence Melody)