Episode 13: Denley Hosts (JAY3M [fka Joe Mousepad] Tribute)

Tonight Denley pays tribute to JAY3M (fka Joe Mousepad).


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. UhUhUh by Origami Pyramid on Origami Pyramid - EP (Deepblip Records)
  3. Raindrops by Joe Mousepad (Self-Released)
  4. Buttersnut Quash (feat. Noam Smooha) by Future Lokepad
  5. 12 O' Clock Rock (prod. J.Me.J) by Joe Mousepad on Joe Mousepad vs. Glitch Hop (Street Ritual)
  6. Robot Beens (Midnight Seven) by Joe Mousepad on Dollabox vs. Joe Mousepad (Self-Released)
  7. Speaking Volumes by Joe Mousepad on Resonate - EP (Resonate)
  8. Homebass by Joe Mousepad on Earwax Ziptape Delta (Allied Forces Press)
  9. Echelon (Demo) by Joe Mousepad
  10. Bouncebounce by Joe Mousepad on Knee Deep (Self-Released)
  11. The Place by Joe Mousepad on Levels (Tomahawk Recordings)
  12. Indy 500 by Joe Mousepad on 1 Year of Rootnote (Rootnote)
  13. Bricks by Joe Mousepad on Rainmakers Vol. 1 (Tomahawk Recordings)
  14. Murdah by Joe Mousepad on MindsALike Collective (Minds A Like Compilation 001)
  15. Haight (feat. Denley) by Joe Mousepad & Northern Draw on Lamp With Us (Self-Released)
  16. Untitled (Demo) by Joe Mousepad & Denley (Unreleased)
  17. Untitled (Demo) by Joe Mousepad & Denley (Unreleased)
  18. Subway Stalker by Joe Mousepad on Sueños REMIXED (Self-Released)
  19. Sat. Rain by Joe Mousepad on Left Coast Conference Vol. 2 (77 Rise Recordings)
  20. Feisty Finsky by Joe Mousepad on Rootnote Collective R E L A T I V E S (Rootnote)
  21. Toxin (feat. Madflows & Joe Mousepad) by The Zap Tap on All My Friends Are Murderers (Vol. 1) (Self-Released)
  22. Whistle Song by Joe Mousepad and Northern Draw on Play//Rec (Thirsty City)
  23. Fresh Kicks (feat. Joe Mousepad) by Touchphonics on Fresh Kicks - EP (Elevated Press Records)
  24. City Lights (feat. Audio Angel & Joe Mousepad) by Lokae on City Lights (Daly City Records)
  25. Busta (feat. Joe Mousepad) by GRiZ on End of the World Party (Daly City Records)
  26. Movers and Shakers (feat Pilks,Tae Kwon Flow, J. Mousepad) by Grey Sky Appeal on Grey Sky Appeal (Self-Released)
  27. Where You At (feat. Joe Mousepad) by Danger Deluxxe on Renaissance (Self-Released)
  28. 33 and a Third (feat. Joe Mousepad) by ill-esha on Reverie (Self-Released)
  29. Audio Receiver (feat. Joe Mousepad) by Roommate on Freebie (Avocaudio)
  30. Metamorphosis (feat. Joe Mousepad) by Ex-Pyramids on Audio Angel Presents Ex-Pyramids (Self-Released)
  31. FKMETHO (feat. Joe Mousepad) by OneWerd on The Faculty (Self-Released)
  32. Turning Keys (feat. Joe Mousepad) by Sonar on Dark Matter / Turning Keys (Elevated Press Records)
  33. The Come Up (feat. Joe Mousepad) [Vocal Edit] by Tchphnx on The Come Up / Line of Sight (Elevated Press Records)
  34. HOMIEz (feat. Lisa Vazquez, WIZDUMB, Hash Adams, Yunsumz, Neo G Yo, Joe Mousepad, Durazzo) by NorthernDraw on The Funky Microwave (Bumm Clack)
  35. Steam (Demo) by Joe Mousepad & Denley (Unreleased)