Flow Radio Moonies and Mush


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  1. Iron Sky - Abbey Road Studios Live by Paolo Nutini on Caustic Love (Atlantic Records) $ Buy
  2. Call Your Girlfriend (Live on KEXP) by Star Anna on NA (NA) $ Buy
  3. Cinnamon by Fatima on Follow You EP (NA) $ Buy
  4. Kidnap Me by Soft Lipa on Secrets of Tu-Cheng (KAO Inc.) $ Buy
  5. Slide by Miss Ko on NA (KAO!Inc) $ Buy
  6. I've Got You Under My Skin (Ben l'Oncle Soul Cover) by Frank Sinatra on NA (NA) $ Buy
  7. My Ladybug by Moullinex on Hypersex (NA) $ Buy
  8. So Into You (Anoma Remix) by Childish Gambino Cover on NA (NA) $ Buy
  9. Cold Little Heart by Michael Kin on NA (polydor) $ Buy
  10. Dear Labels by Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers on NA (NA) $ Buy
  11. Cigarette Song (Snakehips Remix) by Raury on NA (The Windish Agency) $ Buy
  12. Myrtle Avenue by Floating Points on Shadows (eglo records) $ Buy
  13. Red Light by Fatima on Follow You (EP) (NA) $ Buy
  14. Thanking by Kyne on NA (NA) $ Buy
  15. Own Appeal by Oddisee on The Beauty in All (Mello Music Group) $ Buy
  16. Best of Moody Sanchez by S!X on NA (NA) $ Buy
  17. Freestylin by Dr. Moo on Flow Radio (bff.fm) $ Buy