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good music

music from mexico

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music from pay phone


  1. quasar by birdhaus on quasar (industrias WIO)
  2. period by infinite bisous on period (tasty morsels)
  3. Ballena by Vesica piscis on Vesica Piscis (Vesica Piscis)
  4. Niarela by voilaaa on On te l'avait dit (favorite recordings)
  5. deseo by tamacu on radar vol.1 (discos panoram)
  6. California by Salvador y el unicorno on California (discos panoram)
  7. dusseldorf by birdhaus on birdhaus volume. 1 (industrias WIO)
  8. brain by infinite bisous on period (tasty morsels)
  9. so wrong by birdhaus on birdhaus volume. 1 (industrias WIO)
  10. shining horses by birdhaus on birdhaus volume 1. (industrias WIO)
  11. healing feeling by tornado wallace on lonely planet (running back)
  12. girandulas/dear bird/vaiven by birdhaus on giant wheel OST (industrias WIO)
  13. ze instrumental by salvador y el unicorno on ze (panoram)
  14. sole mate by infinite bisous on period (tasty morsels)
  15. biodinamica by islas on biodinamica (islas)
  16. howls by nu guinea on howls (planet woo cometrecords)
  17. tears on the trackpad by dingbat superminx on latest hits (aaron baker)
  18. a song about when I got high by dingbat superminx on tasteful as death discreet as life (aaron baker)
  19. jungle fire by voilaaa on on te l'avait dit (favorite recordings)
  20. cella's walk by jimi tenor,tony allen on wanted afrobeat (wagram music)
  21. subcoincient lamentation by payfone/tigerlight on paradise/mice life (golf channel recordings)
  22. tongue of the ocean by a vision of panorama on two birds (mellophonia)
  23. ohya Atar gyan by Ebo Taylor on life stories (essibons enterprises ltd.)