Tonight ALLSORTS of new sounds from Chicago’s Ne-Hi, Jamila Woods, Black Monument Ensemble to Boogarin’s Brazillian psych rock, PLUS British post-punk trio Trash Kit, a nod to legendary jazz spaceman Sun Ra to celebrate what would have been his 105th arrival day to this planet (5/22) PLUS experimental sndz from SF composer Holly Herndon and exciting news! The Silver Jews are back, well, kind of – David Berman’s new band Purple Mountains. Time to decide – should you stay or should you go?


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  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go? by Xenia Rubinos on I'm Leaving Now (Ya Me Voy) (Anti) $ Buy
  2. Cancion Para Ti by Santiago Cordoba on En Otros Lugares (Sound & Colours) $ Buy
  3. I'm Gonna Tell It by Robert Forster on Inferno (Tapete) $ Buy
  4. Tell It Like It Will Be by MAKE-UP on Sound Verite (K) $ Buy
  5. The Joke of Life by Tacocat on This Mess Is A Place (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  6. Break
  7. All My Happiness Is Gone by Purple Mountains on All My Happiness Is gone (Drag City) $ Buy
  8. Invenção by Boogarins on Sombrou Dúvida (OAR) $ Buy
  9. Highways by NE-HI on NE-HI EP (Grand Jury) $ Buy
  10. The Lark Mirror (Telekinesis Remix) by The Royal Arctic Institute on Accidental Achievement (Rhyme & Reason Records) $ Buy
  11. Wedding Song by C. Joynes & the Furlong Bray on The Borametz Tree (Feeding Tube) $ Buy
  12. Break
  13. Godmother by Holly Herndon & Jlin & Spawn on Proto (4AD) $ Buy
  14. A Man Without A Country by T-Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose on Invisible Light: Acoustic (Verve) $ Buy
  15. Fight The Good Fight by SING, SINCK, SING (Efrim Manuel Menuck + Kevin Doria) on SING, SINCK, SING (Constellation) $ Buy
  16. Break
  17. Calling Planet Earth by Sun Ra on Space Is The Place (Evidence) $ Buy
  18. Face the Music / Space Is The Place by Sun Ra on Night Music (live recording) $ Buy
  19. SUN RA by Jamila Woods on Legacy! Legacy! (Jagjaguwar) $ Buy
  20. Destination by Angel Bat Dawid on Oracle (International Anthem) $ Buy
  21. From a Spark to a Fire by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble on Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem) $ Buy
  22. Break
  23. Weight of the Planets by Aldous Harding on Designer (4AD / Flying Nun) $ Buy
  24. Life Finds A Way by Four Eyes on I'd Rather Be Ghost Hunting (Four Eyes) $ Buy
  25. Horizon by Trash Kit on Horizon (Upset the Rhythm) $ Buy
  26. Penny Penny by Shilungu on Esa Presents Amandla: Music To the People (Soundway) $ Buy
  27. Mbule Mwule by Muito Kaballa on Everything is Broke (Switchstance Records) $ Buy
  28. Blvd Lumumba by KOKOKO! on single (ICI) $ Buy