Under the Atlantic # 69 - Mattiel, Blondy, Sound of Ceres, Sunbeam Sound Machine


  1. Fire Lily by Sound of Ceres
  2. Anyway, Anyway by Sunbeam Sound Machine
  3. New Grave (ft. Kevin Drew and Kelly Zutrau) by DJDS
  4. Dream. Sleep. by LaVeda
  5. Blood Type by Turtle, Eliza Shaddad on Human (Beatnik Creative)
  6. Motion by Emotional Oranges
  7. Lowdown by Boz Scaggs on Silk Degrees (Columbia)
  8. Sailing by Christopher Cross
  9. Saint by Soft Kill, Choir Boy
  10. More To Give by Your Fearless Leader on Rites
  11. Dreamin' by Lofi Legs
  12. Low Fidelity by Lofi Legs on Sand Songs (Self)
  13. Do You Feel It? by Holy Wave
  14. Desert Days by Sonny
  15. Love Demons by Peter Cat Recording Co.
  16. Bees by The Love Language
  17. Vespertine by Death and Vanilla
  18. Who's the new girl by Fleetwood Mac
  19. Follow My Name by Mattiel on Customer Copy (Burger)
  20. Count Your Blessings by Mattiel on Mattiel (Burger Records)