1. Ice Tea by Emiranda on My Face (Yegorka)
  2. Music (Time Out) by Emiranda on My Face (Yegorka)
  3. Carry Me (Cosey Fanni Tutti Rework) by Penelope Trappes on Penelope Redeux (Houndstooth)
  4. It's A Low by Hey Colossus on Four Bibles (Alter)
  5. Nowei by Xyn Cabal on Perfect Oracle (The Death Of Rave)
  6. Cellar / Oracle by M. Geddes Gendras on I Am The Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World (Hausu Mountain)
  7. B1 by Elizabethan Collar on ELIZA B.C. (Chained Library)
  8. In the Shelter of the Dunes by Steve Moore on Beloved Exile (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  9. Digital ∞ Tzunami by Lorenzo Senni on Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego)
  10. Forma Bonum Fragile Est / ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν by Not Glass on Forma (Ecstatic)
  11. Behind Mirror by Viviankrist on Cross Modulation (Diagonal)
  12. Toxic Racecourse by Helm on Chemical Flowers (PAN)
  13. Nothing Disease by Siskiyou on Not Somewhere (Constellation)
  14. Intemporel by Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma on Intemporel (Black Sweat Records)
  15. Mortes-Eaux by Kassel Jaeger on Le Lisse Et Le Strie (Latency)
  16. Reunion by Viul on Bright Decline (Disques d'Honore)
  17. Only The Stars Come Out At Night by Vanity Productions on Only The Stars Come Out At Night (Posh Isolation)
  18. Observable Future by Carmen Villain on Both Lines Will Be Blue (Smalltown Supersound)
  19. Step away from Konoyo by Tim Hecker on Anoyo (Kranky)
  20. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt by Holly Herndon on PROTO (4AD)
  21. Deliquium in C by Anna Homler & Steve Moshier on Deliquium in C (Präsens Editionen)