May 25


  1. Hands Down by The Greeting Committee on It's Not All That Bad (Harvest Records)
  2. U Could Find by Smoothboi Ezra on U Could Find (Self Released)
  3. A Screw Fell From His Head by Spud Cannon on Next Time Read The Fine Print (Self Released)
  4. The Feeling by Sammy Rae on The Good Life (Self Released)
  5. Killed For Kicks by My Favorite on Killed For Kicks (Death Party)
  6. 1964 by Blossom Calderone on Sit and Be (Sid & Ruby Recordings)
  7. Narcisc0 by Rina Mushonga on In a Galaxy (PIAS)
  8. Oh Devil by Electric Guest on Plural (Downtown)
  9. Eyes on Me by Classixx, Harriet Brown on Faraway Reach (Innovative Leisure)
  10. Wasted Time by Hi-Lo Jack on Wasted Time (Self Released)
  11. Summer Coming by Sleep Good on Summer Coming (Subtropic Records)
  12. It's Yours by David Kitt on The Nightsaver (Gold Spillin')
  13. The Record Player Song by Daisy the Great on The Record Player Song (Paper Moon)
  14. Static by Minimall on HUH! (Gumball Records)
  15. Small Foreign Faction by Haley Blais on Small Foreign Faction (Self Released)