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  1. I Will Spite Survive by Deerhoof (Polyvinyl)
  2. COME 4 ME by ABRA
  3. Navy by Kilo Kish on Navy
  4. NEW MAGIC WAND by Tyler the Creator on IGOR
  5. New Taste by Sneaks
  6. Black Balloons Reprise by Flying Lotus
  7. Hang on to Life by Ariel Pink
  8. If I'd Known by Kero Kero Bonito on Time 'n' Place (Polyvinyl)
  9. Kata by Kate NV
  10. strawberry road by dark cat
  11. Elegance by Kilo Kish on mothe
  12. Julien by Carly Rae Jepsen
  13. Strong References by Drug Church on CHEERS
  14. Vertigo Flowers by Nothing
  15. Sports by Viagra Boys on Street Worms
  16. JUICE by slothrust on of course you do (burger records)
  17. Morbid Stuff by PUP on Morbid Stuff (Rise)
  18. new years eve by american pleasure project
  19. don't frown by fine china on the jaws of life
  20. your cover's blown by belle and sebastian
  21. interlude: i dream this dream in which my body is my own by PRIESTS on the seduction of kansas (sister polygon)
  22. Dark Denim by Antonio Williams and Kerry McCoy
  23. Take off Ur Pants by Indigo De SOuza
  24. covert contracts by control top
  25. Big Mouth by Necking
  26. separation anxiety by eyedress
  27. Freak Out by Miya Folick on Premonitions (Terrible Records)
  28. MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU by harunemuri on harutosyura
  29. Great Job by CHAI on PUNK
  30. Cyber Stockhold Syndrome by Rina Sawayama on RINA
  31. you let my tyres down by tropical fuck storm on a laughing death in meatspace
  32. paper thin walls by modest mouse
  33. Look of Love by Hop Along on bark your head off, dog (saddle creek)