6/4/2019: Jessica Lanyadoo returns!

Today on Astral Projection Radio Hour on we welcome back special guest Jessica Lanyadoo to discuss all things astrology and mediumship, as well as her popular and insightful @ghostofapodcast! Tune in for conversation and Jessica’s hand-picked playlist.

Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally respected Astrologer and Psychic Medium with fans and clients across the globe. She has been working to help people help themselves in one on one consultations since 1995, and writing her weekly horoscope since 2003. Lanyadoo is the host of the popular show, Ghost of a Podcast, and co-hosts TLC’s digital show Stargazing on Facebook Watch. She is currently the resident astrologer for Girlboss (USA), and Chatelaine (Canada).



  1. NEW MAGIC WAND by Tyler, The Creator on IGOR (Columbia Records)
  2. new breed by Dawn Richard on new breed (Local Action Records)
  3. I'm Not Always Where My Body Is by Aisha Devi on na (na)
  4. A Paris by Riff Cohen on A Paris (Capitol Music France)
  5. Phone by Lizzo on Phone (Nice Life)
  6. Wut by Le1f on Hey (Terrible Records)
  7. Chess by Petite Noir on La Vie Est Belle/Life Is Beautiful (Domino)
  8. Sunroof by Boogie, Dana Williams on Thirst 48 Part II (Interscope)
  9. Kids See Ghosts by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Kanye West, Kid Cudi on KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Takashi Murakami / Kaikai Kiki Co.)
  10. Karma Police by Shefita on Karma Police (Shefita)
  11. America by First Aid Kit on America (Jagadamba)
  12. True Love Will Find You In the End by Daniel Johnston on 1990 (Eternal Yip Eye Music)
  13. I Never Talk to Strangers by Bette Midler & Tom Waits on Broken Blossom (Atlantic)