Radioculars 15//7


  1. October Fires by Wolf People on Tidings (Jagjaguwar)
  2. Dream Safari by Starzone on Panama
  3. So Real by Meth Dad
  4. While Everyone Was Waiting by Talk In Tongues on Alone With A Friend (Fairfax)
  5. Coat of Shellac by Ava Luna on Infinite House (Western Vinyl)
  6. Ur A Front by Never Young on Never Young EP (Father/Daughter)
  7. High-Lo by Broken Water on Wrought (Night People Records)
  8. Parking Lots by Plums on Jen
  9. Nightmare by Alice on Revenge Pop (Don Giovanni)
  10. Understood by Abram Shook on Landscape Dream (Western Vinyl)
  11. Silver Bullet by Swimmers (Burger Records)
  12. The House by Le Volume Courbe on Ring the Alarm (RTA)
  13. Haunted Castles by Cold Coffee on Laundromat (Summersteps)
  14. It Came From the Heart by Step-Panther on Strange But Nice (Inertia)
  15. Dylan And Chong Playing Basketball by TEEN (Carpark Records)
  16. Stages of Fear by Crepes
  17. Water and Wine by Los Angeles Police Department (Fat Possum)
  18. Crawling Back to You by Young Guv on Ripe 4 Luv (Slumberland)
  19. Christine by Juniore - (Entreprise)
  20. Voice of a Generation by Transistor Ray
  21. Glory, Glory by Rose Windows on The Sun Dogs (Sub Pop)
  22. Everything's Alright by Inner Oceans
  23. Calilope by Waterstrider on Nowhere No (Self Released)
  24. Top of the World by LEGS
  25. By Now by Little Wings (Woodist)