Spending Time With My Good Friend Jonathan

My good friend Jonathan is coming in today to hang out with me and share some music he thinks I will like with me. And I will share music that I think he will like with him.


  1. Screamer by Susan on Do You Believe In Mazic (-)
  2. Shape Of Love by Jun Togawa (-)
  3. Parallélisme by Miharu Koshi on Parallélisme (Non-Standard)
  4. 愛の分量 by Seri Ishikawa on 楽園 ( Philips)
  5. Living by Island And Holiday on In The Summertime (Love Of The Common People) 12 (Speed Records)
  6. Laid, Bête et Méchant by Alec Mansion on Alec Mansion (WEA)
  7. Swing by Japan on Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Virgin)
  8. I Met the Beast by Martin Dupont on Sleep is a Luxury (Facteurs d'Ambiance)
  9. いつか王子様が by Akiko Yano on ただいま。(Tadaima) (Japan Record)
  10. Curtains by Yukihiro Takahashi on Neuromantic ( Alfa)
  11. Drip Dry Eyes by Sandii on Eating Pleasure (Alfa)
  12. Comme Toujours by Baroque Bordello on Via (Contorsion)
  13. La Petite Amazone by Lio on Lio (Ariola)
  14. Therapy by Cheebo on Paradise Lost ( SMS Records)
  15. 南洋でヨイショ - Nan'yo de Yoisho by Chakra on 南洋でヨイショ (Vap)
  16. 殿中でござる by きどりっこ on きどりっこ ( Captain Records)
  17. Prince of the Moment by Cube on Can Can in the Garden (Polydor)
  18. Stopp, Seisku Aeg! by Velly Joonas on Stopp, Seisku Aeg! (Frotee)
  19. Time Bandits by Passionate Friends on Passionate Friends 7" (MCA )
  20. Pope No Hope by Tipical Me on Claustrofobian b/w Pope No Hope 7" (Colour Record)
  21. My Man by Cruisin' Gang on My Man 12" (Cruisin' Records)