Sounds In The Dark - 3.3.15 - with live sound collage

New music from Mirko, John Tejada, Public Service Broadcasting, Nathan Fake, Lucho Ripley and more. Plus a live improvisational sound collage in the second hour to get the dreams going...


  1. Cryptochrome by John Tejada on Signs Under Test (Kompakt)
  2. Break
  3. Fortune Bru by Nathan Fake on Glaive (Cambria Instruments)
  4. Break
  5. A Soft Fall by Mirko on Mirko (Room40)
  6. Entangled by Lorn on The Maze To Nowhere Pt. 2 (NA)
  7. Sputnik by Public Service Broadcasting on The Race For Space (NA)
  8. Spacewalk by kirchenkampf on Ringworld (Aural Films)
  9. Drifting Red by Lake People on Purposely Uncertain Field (Juno)
  10. Models Of My Life by Shuttle358 on Understanding Wildlife (Mille Plateaux)
  11. New Year 2015 by Various on New Year 2015 (Trestle Records)
  12. Pentaprism by Wil Bolton on Bokeh (Home Normal)
  13. Break
  14. Yeats, For ( ) - Emily Song by Glover/Perreault on Freight 1110 through Greensboro (Full Spectrum)
  15. Cascadas by Lucho Ripley on Spirit of Wonder (Audio Gourmet)
  16. Live sound collage by Eric Pietras on (NA)
  17. Blanketing by Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer on In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes (12k)
  18. Plant Skeleton by Sanso-Xtro on Sentimentalist (Type)
  19. Break
  20. Judgement // Rebirth by Beast Nest on Songs For Puppies (Full Spectrum)