Casually Crying - Episode 75 - Julia Shapiro, Younger Lovers, The Umbrellas, Young Tender

hey there. tune in this week to hear about julia shapiro's new album 'perfect version' and also why i love the song 'when i'm with him' by empress of. spoiler alert: it gets real emotional. :')

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  1. I've Been Kissed Before (From by Rita Hayworth on Rita Hayworth (Ediciones Musicales Prisma)
  2. Sinfony by Smashing Pumpkins on --
  3. Windows by Frankie Cosmos on Windows (Sub Pop)
  4. Natural by Julia Shapiro on Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
  5. Morbid Stuff by PUP on Morbid Stuff (Rise)
  6. Cycles by Lili Trifilio on Cycles
  7. I Will by Mitski on Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Dead Oceans)
  8. The Future Is Here by Sleater-Kinney on The Future Is Here (Mom+Pop)
  9. Easy Afternoon by Younger Lovers on Sugar In My Pocket (Younger Lovers)
  10. Keeps On Falling Down by Younger Lovers on Rock Flawless (Younger Lovers)
  11. Feel That Blood by Spooky Mansion on Spooky Mansion (Spooky Mansion)
  12. Oh, Honey Baby by Mustard Service on Zest Pop (Mustard Service)
  13. Alone Too by Nanami Ozone on NO (Tiny Engines)
  14. Disco by Surf Curse on Disco (Danger Collective)
  15. City Song by The Umbrellas on Maritime E.P. (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  16. Down On Me by The Jesus and Mary Chain on Darklands (Warner Bros)
  17. Dream Boy by The's on Bomb the Twist (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  18. Second Sight by Marine Girls on Lazy Ways/Beach Party (Cherry Red Records)
  19. Firebell Ringing by The Pastels on Truckload of Trouble (Paperhouse Records)
  20. Alone by The Cry on Beautiful Reasons (The Cry)
  21. When I'm With Him by Empress Of on Us (Terrible Records)
  22. Stay Tru by Mereba on The Jungle is The Only Way (Interscope Records)
  23. She's So Bad by TOPS on Tender Opposites (Arbutus)
  24. Si No Vas a Ser Tú by Young Tender on Si No Vas a Ser Tú (Industries WIO)
  25. Following Divide by Hibou on Following Divide (Barsuk Records)
  26. Imaginationcy by Goth Babe on Imaginationcy (Goth Babe)
  27. Sick over U by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained (Urban Scandal)
  28. Weirdo by The Vaccines on Come of Age (Sony)
  29. I Don't Mind by Bruising on I Don't Mind (Beech Coma)
  30. Now With Feeling by The Cowboys on The Bottom of a Rotten Flower (The Cowboys)
  31. You and Me by Whitney on You and Me (Demo) (Secretly Canadian)
  32. Fnp by Nate Budroe on Casa Pacheco (Nate Budroe)
  33. Lady Daydream by Mr Twin Sister on Color Your Life (Infinite Best)
  34. What Once Was by Her's on Songs of Her's (Heist or Hit Records)
  35. Dreaming by Horsebeach on Dreaming (Alone Together Recordings)
  36. I Am Better Than I Was by awfultune on I Am Better Than I Was (awfultune)
  37. Best Thought by Honeyuck on Best Thought / Just Like Honey (Viridian Sounds)