15 - My Bathroom


  1. American Standards: My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place by Sid Siegel on Product Music Vol. 1: Industrial Show Tunes In Praise Of Products We Trust (Honest Abe)
  2. Funky Butt by Rexy on Running Out Of Time (Lucky Number)
  3. Vicinity Of Obscenity by System of a Down on Hypnotize (American)
  4. Soo Bawls by Devo on Live: The Mongoloid Years (Rykodisk)
  5. Make Up by Prince on Originals (WB)
  6. Martin by Soft Cell on The Art of Falling Apart (Sire)
  7. The Night Rolls On by Lee Ving on Fame Tv Show (Unreleased)
  8. Let's Do It by Kadenza (PRT)
  9. I Wonder Where She's Gone by Charles Ferguson & Company ‎ (Vision's Express Records ‎)
  10. Future Street by Michael Bundt on Neon (Private Records)
  11. Do Qatre Zaher Pa De by Nahid Akhtar on Doghala Volume- II (Columbia)
  12. Donnie and Laurie by Donnie and Laurie on Donnie and Laurie (Unseen Worlds)
  13. Leading A Double Life by Peter Gordon and Blue Gene Tyranny on Trust in Rock (Unseen Worlds)
  14. L'uomo by Maria Monti on Il Bestiario (Unseen Worlds)
  15. Wild About The Lady by Jacqueline Humbert And David Rosenboom on J.Jasmine: My New Music (Unseen Worlds)
  16. Break
  17. Backbeat by Fetus Productions ‎ on Perfect Product (Flying Nun)
  18. Reassurance 1-100 by Household Name ‎ (Household Name)
  19. Marked Man by The Limp on Marked Man (Primate Records ‎)
  20. Sinket Primo by Ennio Morricone ‎ on Spogliati, Protesta, Uccidi! (Quartet Records)