Best of 2019 Second Quarter


  1. This is Cereal Mum by Cereal Killer on The Rise and Fall of Cereal Killer (?)
  2. Honey by Lungbutter on Honey (Constellation)
  3. Hanging Out In Cars by Empath on Active Listening: Night On Earth (Get Better Records)
  4. Drunk II by Mannequin Pussy on Patience (Epitaph)
  5. Star of David by Urochromes on Trope House (Wharf Cat Records)
  6. He Doesn't Want to Pay His Taxes by Hygiene on Private Sector (Upset the Rhythm)
  7. Friendly Fire by French Vanilla on How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
  8. Work Through Fault by Comfort on Not Passing (?)
  9. Cold by Rico Nasty on Anger Management (?)
  10. Doorman by slowthai on Nothing Great About Britain (True Panther)
  11. Shake 88 by Denzel Curry on ZUU (?)
  12. Biti No 7 by Sisso on Mateso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
  13. Rhinestones by Charlie Marie on Rhinestones (?)
  14. Airport by Horse Jumper of Love on So Divine (Run for Cover Records)
  15. Vile Bodies by Patio on Essentials (Fire Talk Records)
  16. Home to You by Cate Le Bon on Reward (Mexican Summer)
  17. Break
  18. Leona by Strange Ranger on Leona (Tiny Engines)