Jun 29, 2019: Icelandic music on 'Mai + Charlie'


  1. Forever Love by Kristín Anna on I Must Be The Devil (Bel Air Glamour Records / The Vinyl Factory)
  2. Break
  3. Imago by GYDA on Evolution (Figureight)
  4. Cruel by Glowie (Columbia Records)
  5. Black by AFK (-)
  6. Down by Sin Fang ft. JFDR on Spaceland (Morr Music)
  7. One Step by Mr. Silla on single (-)
  8. Forest by Pascal Pinon on Sundur (Morr Music)
  9. Exercise by Jae Tyler on single ( Street Pulse)
  10. Was There Nothing? by Ásgeir on In the Silence (One Little Indian Records)
  11. Neon Experience by Junius Meyvant on Neon Experience (Record Records)
  12. Toothwheels by múm on Smilewound (Morr Music)
  13. Nótt by Samaris on Silkidrangar (One Little India)
  14. Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós on Takk (Geffen)
  15. My Juvenile by Björk & ANOHNI (Antony Hegarty) on Volta (One Little Indian)
  16. Privilege of Time by Mani Orrason on BABY ANGEL (Humming Records)
  17. Bammbaramm by Hildur on single (-)
  18. Wake Him by Cheek Mountain Thief on Cheek Mountain Thief (One Little Indian)
  19. Everything some of the time by Oyama on Oyama (n/a)
  20. Hatrið mun sigra by Hatari (-)
  21. Could You Fuck With Someone Else by Gangly on GANGLY (-)
  22. Hvítur tígur (feat. Helgi Sæmundur & Kjartan Lauritzen) by Arnar Úlfur on Hasarlífsstíll (Sony Music)
  23. Tension by Vök on Tension (Nettwerk)
  24. Dream Team Party Kids by Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason on Team Dream (Morr Music)
  25. Dreamers by Soley on Ask the Deep (Morr Music)
  26. Instant Patience by JFDR on Brazil (White Sun Records)
  27. I'll Build You a Fire by Seabear on We Built a Fire (Morr Music)
  28. Everything by FM Belfast on Brighter Days (Record Records)
  29. Feel See by Sin Fang on Flowers (Morr Music)
  30. Goodbye by Milkywhale on Milkywhale (Record Records)