The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #165

spaced out ambient rhythms and abstract algorithms...>


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  1. Blunted by YUNGMORPHEUS & Fumitake Tamura on Mazal (Visit $ Buy
  2. Hetero by Akiko Haruna on Delusions (Visit $ Buy
  3. THRRVL by Tracey on Biostar (-) $ Buy
  4. My Tertiary Agency by E L O N (Elon Katz) on Pneumania (Visit $ Buy
  5. Trance Venereal by Isolat Pattern on Trance Venereal / Idolplex (Visit $ Buy
  6. Arc Rail by SDEM on Index Hole (-) $ Buy
  7. Adequate Force by Stenny on IT041 Stenny - Stress Test (Visit $ Buy
  8. Wreath Products (C#, D#) by Jung An Tagen on Proxy States (Visit $ Buy
  9. C by Real Motherfucker's don't talk SHIT! on ANALOG BLITZKRIEG EP (Visit $ Buy
  10. A2. Left In The Bathroom by IVVY on [UDG 0.31] "Interiors" (Visit $ Buy
  11. [ZERO TRANCE] by DJ NICK JERSEY on BLEED (PUPPY03) (Visit $ Buy
  12. Rokko by Lumigraph on DRUMS (Visit $ Buy
  13. Raft by Shelly Knotts x Jan St. Werner on CRXSSINGS (fundraiser for City Plaza) (Visit $ Buy
  14. Not Modular by Mr. Mitch on Not Modular (Visit $ Buy
  15. B3 by Ghostride The Drift on Ghostride The Drift (Visit $ Buy
  16. Espero by DJ Python on Derretirse (-) $ Buy
  17. Cuevas by Mister Water Wet on Bought The Farm (OUEST095) (Visit $ Buy
  18. Nami by Meitei on Komachi (-) $ Buy
  19. Live at Algorithmic Art Assembly by Spednar (-) $ Buy