Casually Crying - Episode 78 - The Amps, Las Rosas, Pretty Sad, Pardoner

hi there. tune in this week to hear about my current favorite bands, spud cannon and pretty sad. :') also later in the show i play a track off of pardoner's new album. go check it out it's really good!

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  1. Summertime Blues by The Beach Boys on Surfin' Safari (Capitol) $ Buy
  2. Sinfony by The Smashing Pumpkins on -- (--) $ Buy
  3. First of All by Japanther on Beets, Limes, and Rice (Recess Records) $ Buy
  4. Open My Eyes by Burnt Palms on The Girl You Knew (Burnt Palms) $ Buy
  5. Cat Sitting in My Room by Cherry Glazerr on Papa Kremp (Burger Records) $ Buy
  6. You're Not That Great by Dog Bite on Velvet Changes (Carpark Records) $ Buy
  7. I Don't Love You Anymore by The Honeysticks on I Don't Love You Anymore (Crescent Heights Records) $ Buy
  8. Runaway Strays by Spud Cannon on Squeeze (Spud Cannon) $ Buy
  9. Not Too Soon by Throwing Muses on The Real Ramona (Woah Dad!) $ Buy
  10. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Yo La Tengo on Yo La Tengo is Murdering the Classics (Yo La Tengo) $ Buy
  11. If I Can't Change Your Mind by Sugar on Copper Blue (Merge) $ Buy
  12. La La Love You by Pixies on Doolittle (4AD) $ Buy
  13. Dedicated by The Amps on Pacer (4AD) $ Buy
  14. Do You Love Me Now by The Breeders on Safari (4AD) $ Buy
  15. Dreamin' Blue by Beach Skulls on Slow Grind (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  16. Idiot Heart by Las Rosas on Day Sleeper (Greenway Records) $ Buy
  17. Tummy Rumblin by Small Crush on Tummy Rumblin (Asian Man Records) $ Buy
  18. Deep Web by Magic Potion on Pink Gum (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  19. Good Evening by High Sunn on Hopeless Romantic (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  20. Bizarre Love Triangle by Sonic Blume on Bizarre Love Triangle (Sonic Blume) $ Buy
  21. Everything She Wants by Wham! on Make It Big (Sony) $ Buy
  22. Time (Clock of the Heart) by Culture Club on This Time (Virgin) $ Buy
  23. Days Hence by Eleven Pond on Bas Relief (Game Hen Records) $ Buy
  24. Sorry Again by Velocity Girl on Sorry Again (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  25. Go Fish by Cub on Betti Cola (Mint Records) $ Buy
  26. Alien Girl by The Crabs on Jackpot! (K Records) $ Buy
  27. Never Falling by Pretty Sad on Pretty Sad (Shelflife Records) $ Buy
  28. Moon Hits by Vansire on Angel Youth (Spirit Goth) $ Buy
  29. say anything by girl in red on chapter 1 (Marie Ulven) $ Buy
  30. Dream Partner by Wolf Girl on Every Now and Then (Everything Sucks Music) $ Buy
  31. Trust by Horsebeach on Trust (Alone Together Recordings) $ Buy
  32. It Was Never Enough by Fog Lake on Virgo Indigo (Orchid Tapes ) $ Buy
  33. Surfer Boys by The She's on Surfer Boys (The She's) $ Buy
  34. Drag by Day Wave on Headcase (Day Wave) $ Buy
  35. Boy You Loved To Watch Me Cry by Madeline, Karl Blau, Your Heart Breaks on Tour EP (Self Released) $ Buy
  36. How to Quit Smoking by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland) $ Buy
  37. High & Dry by Toner on Passing Glance (Vacant Stare) $ Buy
  38. Can't Be Shown by Pardoner on Playin' On A Cloud (Pardoner) $ Buy
  39. Heads or Tails by Winona Forever on Feelgood (Winona Forever) $ Buy