clementine & new soft pop / electronic — 14


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  1. Wake Up by Jeanines on Jeanines (Slumberland) $ Buy
  2. Uppercut by Fanclub on Uppercut (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. Weird Glow by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Weird Glow (Burger) $ Buy
  4. Not Running by The Beths on Future Me Hates Me (Carpark) $ Buy
  5. Colorful by Lomelda on Covers (Double Double Whammy) $ Buy
  6. Salt Flats by Mal Blum on Pity Boy (Don Giovanni) $ Buy
  7. Answered in a Prayer by Ducktails on Watercolors (New Images) $ Buy
  8. Living Things Don't Last by Patience on Dizzy Spells (Winona) $ Buy
  9. Salty by KAZU on Adult Baby (Advance Tracks) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Bedroom by Hobby Club on Bedroom (Self Released) $ Buy
  12. 90210 by The Courtneys on The Courtneys (Hockey Dad) $ Buy
  13. Hall of Heads by U.S. Highball on Great Record (Lame-O) $ Buy
  14. Never Be Without You by The Soft Calvary on The Soft Calvary (Bella Union) $ Buy