The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #166

glitchy first hour, followed by Squarepusher live set from Warp30 / WXAXRXP on NTS Radio!


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  1. Leave Them All Behind by Helm on Chemical Flowers (Pan) $ Buy
  2. 126BPM NO NAME by K2 on TWO (Visit $ Buy
  3. Comb Cloud by Poborsk on cl-053 | Poborsk - 11 116 (Visit $ Buy
  4. coai3 by exael on dioxippe (West Mineral Ltd.) $ Buy
  5. Pq Cq by DJ Python on Derretirse (-) $ Buy
  6. Denizen Friend by E L O N (Elon Katz) on Pneumania (Visit $ Buy
  7. Alphaeus by De Sluwe Vos on Trans Magnetic Stimulation (Visit $ Buy
  8. Utano by Meitei on Komachi (Métron) $ Buy
  9. Think About It (Devine Remix) by bossFYTE on Paralellabyes (Visit $ Buy
  10. Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine Remix) by Funkstörung on DEVINE EDGAR EP (Visit $ Buy
  11. 22-21_00-Squarepusher by Squarepusher on Warp30 / WXAXRXP on NTS Radio (Warp) $ Buy