The Revolution Summer 111


  1. Happy Anniversary by I Hate Sex on Circle Thinking (Pint Sized)
  2. Venus & Bacchus by Saetia on Collected (Secret Voice)
  3. I Am Nietzche by Orchid on Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! (Ebulition)
  4. The Sixth Golden Ticket by The Saddest Landscape on Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross (Alone)
  5. manufacturing optimism by Letters To Catalonia on Fragmentary (Skeletal Lightning)
  6. This Isn'y The Tenka-Ichi-Budokai by I Hate Myself on Ten Songs (No Idea)
  7. And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven by City of Caterpillar on City of Caterpillar (Level Plane)
  8. Born Upon My Shield by Funeral Diner on Swept Under (Lilac Sky)
  9. Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them by Neil Perry on A Days Refrain/Neil Perry (Robotic Empire)
  10. Love by Loma Prieta on Self Portrait (Deathwish)
  11. It's More Like a Message to You by Jeromes Dream on Seeing Means More Than Safety (Old Glory)
  12. Turncoat Revolution by Hot Cross on Risk Revival (Paranoid)
  13. 1 di 6 by Raein on Ogni Nuovo Inizio (Sons of Vesta)
  14. No Has Never Had Three Letters by Kodan Armada on A Collection Of Songs (Magic Bullet)
  15. Giugno by La Quiet on 2006/2009 (Sons Of Vesta)
  16. Withs Wings Of Feathers & Glue by Suis La Lune on Heir (Escucha!)
  17. Perfectly Fucked by Love Lost But Not Forgotten on Upon The Right, I Saw A New Misery (Happy Couples Never Last)
  18. 1989: The Best Four Years Of My Life by Wow, Owls! on Pick Your Patterns (The Perpetual Motion Machine)
  19. Congratulations...You've Hit Bottom! by Gospel on The Moon Is A Dead World (Level Plane)
  20. Prisms by Beau Navire on Lumens (Inkblot)
  21. Quello Che Non C'e by The Death Of Anna Karina on Lacrima/Pantera (Tannen)
  22. To Bring Our Own End by Joshua Fit For Battle on To Bring Our Own End (Alone)
  23. Long Night by We Were Skeletons on Blame & Aging (Topshelf)
  24. Aestheticism by Shizune on La Voyageur Imprudent (Dog Knights)
  25. Waiting For The Crash by Ostraca on Last (Skeletal Lightning)
  26. Isolation Of A Light Source by Envy on ENvy/Thursday (Temporary Residence)
  27. 月虹と深潭 by Heaven In Her Arms on 白暈 (Daymare)
  28. death as a crown by nuvalascura on nuvalascura (zegema beach)
  29. Motorcade by Shin Guard on 2020 (Self Released)