Ramp Local


  1. Miracles by Kolb on Making Moves (Ramp Local)
  2. Players of the Field by Lily Konigsberg, Andrea Schiavelli on Good Time Now (Ramp Local)
  3. The New Cochlear Sun by Big French on Stone Fish (Ramp Local)
  4. Worlds by Pat Keen on Albatross (Ramp Local)
  5. The Starver's Promise by The Cradle on Temperate Lands (Ramp Local)
  6. Why Didn't I by Palberta on Bye Bye Berta (Ramp Local)
  7. Pink Pigging by Old Maybe on Piggity Pink (Ramp Local)
  8. Fuselage by Banned Books on Banned Books (Ramp Local)
  9. Apoclypse Now by Buck Gooter on 100 Bells (Ramp Local)
  10. Want It Worse by Signal on Signal (Ramp Local)
  11. A Gringo Like Me by Big Neck Police on Don't Eat My Friends (Ramp Local)
  12. Cell Service by Jobs on Log on for the Free Chance to Log on for Free Log on (Ramp Local)
  13. Harmonik by Max Jaffe on Giant Beat (Ramp Local)
  14. Jungle Swingers by Macula Dog on Macula Dog (Ramp Local)
  15. More by Sunk Heaven on Fey Devil (Ramp Local)
  16. Next to Me, Pt 1 by Lily on Horn Horse on Next to Me (Ramp Local)
  17. Crippled Symmetry by Erica Eso on 2019 (Ramp Local)