birdy num num

norman connors

rosa yemen

Lizzy Mercier descloux



  1. Moondog Monologue by Moondog on an introduction to moondog (manimal group)
  2. flower/hexagon/tsunami by bitchin' bajas and olivia Wyatt on sailing a sinking sea (drag city)
  3. birdy num num by lizzy mercier descloux on press color (Ze records)
  4. moja part II by miles davis on dark magus (columbia)
  5. decryptated/nina con un tercer ojo by rosa yemen on rosa yemen (celluloid)
  6. caribea/dog trot by moondog on the viking of sixth Ave. (Maninmal)
  7. Naima l.h. Dance for Vibraphone No. 2 by Gunter Hampel on dances (birth)
  8. the dutchess by robert wyatt on shleep (domino recording)
  9. moja part 1 by miles davis on dark magus (columbia)
  10. Innerfern by Fredy Studer, Rainer Bruninghaus, Markus Stockhausen on continuum (ECM)
  11. blue by norman connors on dance of magic (buddah)
  12. after the dance instrumental by marvin gaye on i want you (motown records)
  13. kalimba by archie schepp on mama rose (steeplechase)
  14. seabird by alessi brothers on the best of (A&M)