The Friday Night Get Right: Sí o No


  1. Que Lloren by Ivy Queen on Sentimiento (Ivy Queen Sound Corp)
  2. Mi Cancion Favorita by Katanah on Single (GAA)
  3. Ella Tú Y Yo by Girl Ultra on Single (Finesse Records)
  4. Break
  5. Addiction by Medina on Welcome to Medina (Ultra Records)
  6. La Envidia Mata by Melii on Single (Rule #1/Interscope Records)
  7. Quiero Bailar by Ivy Queen on e5 (Univision Records)
  8. Dale Gas by Snow the Product on Single Entertainment (Product Entertainment LLC)
  9. Break
  10. Walking Trophy by HoodCelebrity on Single (Epic Records)
  11. Sí o No by Tatiana Hazel on Single (Self-released)
  12. Break
  13. Somos de Piel by Mariel Mariel on Single (Maha Records)
  14. HML ft. Boogie Wit a Hoodie by Melii on pHases (Rule #1/Interscope Records)
  15. Gravedad by Nina Rodriguez on Single (Self-released)
  16. Millionária by ROSALIA on Fucking Money Man (Columbia Records)
  17. Trust None by Molly Brazy on Big Brazy (Self-released)
  18. Como Si Na by Melii on Single (Rule #1/Interscope)
  19. La Playa by Mestiza on Single (Self-released)
  20. Snooze by Snow Tha Product on Single (Product Entertainment)
  21. Inside by HoodCelebrity on Single (Epic Records)
  22. The Sound of Missing You by Ameerah on Single (Robbins Entertainment)