Jul 27


  1. Xeno Baby by Generationals on Reader As Detective (Polyvinyl)
  2. Dreamo by Teen Body on Dreamo (Broken Circles)
  3. Fisher by Camel Power Club on Sputnik (Self Released)
  4. Offering by Cults on Offering (Sinderlyn)
  5. Being Special by Sophia Kennedy on Sophia Kennedy (Pampa Records)
  6. Sky Burial by Hen Ogledd, Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies on Mogic (Domino)
  7. Farbiges Light by International Music on Die Beste Jahre (Staatsakt Rec. GmbH)
  8. Karate by Roofers Union on Karate (Self Released)
  9. Kill The Indian, Save The Man by Collapsing Scenery on Stress Positions (Metropolitan Indian)
  10. Gayby by Sam Vance-Law on Homotopia (Self Released)
  11. High John by Sing Leaf on Watery Moon (Chill Mega Chill Records)
  12. Silk Road by The Shipbuilders on Silk Road (Mai 68 Records)
  13. Something Wild by Y La Bamba on Something Wild (Tender Loving Empire)
  14. Bamako to Birmingham by Amadou & Mariam, The Blind Boys of Alabama on Bamako to Birmingham (Because Music)
  15. Happened by Perera Elsewhere on All of This (Friends of Friends)