Tuff Signals


  1. War by Brutus on Nest (Sargent House)
  2. Flashback Arrestor by Uranium Club on The Cosmo Cleaners (Static Shock Records)
  3. Killing Joke by Wild Wing on New Futures (Self Released)
  4. I'm A Germ by Gee Tee on H.S.S / I'm A Germ (Self Released)
  5. Rattle The Cage by The Pathogens on We're Catchy (Self Released)
  6. Noble Creatures by The Stroppies on It's A Hit! (Tough Love Records)
  7. I Agree by The Oh Sees on Grave Blockers (Castle Face Records)
  8. As Thin as a Thread by Soft Walls on Not as Bad as It Seems (Self Released)
  9. Your Bicep by France Camp on Forged Artifacts (Minneapolis, MN)
  10. False Anthem by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No (Tiny Engines)
  11. Blood from a Stone by Sheer Mag on A Distant Call (Self Released)
  12. Jet Jaguar by Devils Teeth on Jet Jaguar EP (Self Released)
  13. Just Like Ringing a Bell by Titus Andronicus on An Obelisk (Merge Records)
  14. Fading Cosmos by Jacco Gardner on Fading Cosmos (Full Time Hobby)
  15. Chalk Dust by Grayling on Chalk Dust (6131 Records)
  16. Disco by Surf Curse on Heaven Surrounds You (Danger Collective Records)
  17. Gift Of Lies by Model Zero on Model Zero LP (Slovenly Records)
  18. Forever Half Mast by Lucy Dacus (Self Released)
  19. No Return by Shivery Shakes on Weird Weather (Austin Town Hall Records)
  20. Opposite Sides by Monica LaPlante on Opposite Sides / Tinted Windoes (Self Released)
  21. Sound System by The Laurels (Self Released)
  22. Waking Up with You by Nightjacket on Beauty in the Dark (Self Released)
  23. I'm Tired Of Your Repeating Story by Otoboke Bever on Itekoma Hits (Damnably)
  24. Hurry On Home by Sleater-Kinney on The Center Won't Hold (Mon_Pop)
  25. Titty Logic by Sammi Lanzetta on Titty Logic (6131 Records)
  26. Best Fear / Worst Fantasy by Worriers on Survival Pop (Extended Version) (6131 Records)
  27. Sister by Petrol Girls on The Future Is Dark (Hassle Records)
  28. Perfect Vision by Julia Shapiro on Perfect Vision (Hardly Art)
  29. Call for You by Priors on Call for You EP (Slovenly Records)
  30. Heart by Daddies on EP 1 (King Pizza Records)
  31. 2020 Vision by Negative Gears on Negative Gears (Static Shock Records)
  32. Souverir by Endless Column on Endless Column (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  33. Olive Green by The Lonely Parade on The Pits (Buzz Records)