The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Iris & DJ Tomas Diablo 7/30/19


  1. Cruel Silence by Iris on Blacklight
  2. New Day by The Cure on Half an Octopuss
  3. New Coke by HEALTH on Death Magic
  4. Привет by IC3PEAK on СКАЗКА
  5. Yassassin by Davis Bowie on Lodger
  6. Pumped Up Kicks by 3Teeth on Metawar
  7. Mad World by Torul on The Fall
  8. Annie, Would I Lie To You by Iris on Disconnect
  9. This World by Clan Of Xymox on Hidden Faces
  10. Gallowdance by Lebanon Hanover on Tomb For Two
  11. Alone Together by Ritual Howls on Rendered Armor
  12. Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron on Witching Hour
  13. Draussen by :Wumpscut: on Boeses Junges Fleisch
  14. Silent by Iris on Six
  15. Third Strike by Iris on Six
  16. The Rhythm by Kite on V
  17. Love's Secret Domain by Guitaraculas on Two Bottles of Blood