clementine — 15


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  1. Thank U, Next by Nicholas Krgovich on Thank U, Next (Self Released) $ Buy
  2. Brush Your Hair by Sacred Paws on Run Around The Sun (Merge) $ Buy
  3. Get Lost by Queen of Jeans on If You're Not Afraid, I'm Not Afraid (Topshelf) $ Buy
  4. Can't You Tell It's True? by Another Sunny Day on London Weekend (Sarah) $ Buy
  5. This Resort by Zach Burba on This Music (Self Released) $ Buy
  6. One Eye Open by Black Marble on One Eye Open (Sacred Bones) $ Buy
  7. Confirmation by Westerman on Confirmation (Blue Flowers Music) $ Buy
  8. Floreana by Honey Joy on Honey Joy (Everything Sucks Music) $ Buy
  9. Skin Game by DIIV on Deceiver (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  10. Call Me When It's Over by Max Bloom on To Be Alone (Anniversary Group) $ Buy
  11. Melodrama by Beverly Kills on Melodrama (Self Released) $ Buy
  12. Memory by Alex G on Trick (Lucky Number) $ Buy
  13. Bad Habits by The Reds, Pinks and Purples on Anxiety Art (Pretty Olivia) $ Buy