clementine — 15


  1. Thank U, Next by Nicholas Krgovich on Thank U, Next (Self Released)
  2. Brush Your Hair by Sacred Paws on Run Around The Sun (Merge)
  3. Get Lost by Queen of Jeans on If You're Not Afraid, I'm Not Afraid (Topshelf)
  4. Can't You Tell It's True? by Another Sunny Day on London Weekend (Sarah)
  5. This Resort by Zach Burba on This Music (Self Released)
  6. One Eye Open by Black Marble on One Eye Open (Sacred Bones)
  7. Confirmation by Westerman on Confirmation (Blue Flowers Music)
  8. Floreana by Honey Joy on Honey Joy (Everything Sucks Music)
  9. Skin Game by DIIV on Deceiver (Captured Tracks)
  10. Call Me When It's Over by Max Bloom on To Be Alone (Anniversary Group)
  11. Melodrama by Beverly Kills on Melodrama (Self Released)
  12. Memory by Alex G on Trick (Lucky Number)
  13. Bad Habits by The Reds, Pinks and Purples on Anxiety Art (Pretty Olivia)