Episode 62: Denley Hosts

Denley was talking about this in the intro!

Check out The Long Now Foundation and The Interval at Fort Mason

2 Marina Blvd.
Fort Mason Center Bldg. A
San Francisco, CA 94123


BZAR, Broken Figures, Cyclyst, DJ Effective, DJ Raw B, Luke Sick, Dailon, Danny G and Denley, Dreego, Sxseasxns, Equipto, Architect, Professa Gabel, Eric Boss, Gift of Gab, G.C. Martin, JAY3M and Denley, Keem the Cipher, Keese Sama, Gelapi, Nimsins, Kero One, Julia Wu, L X S, Lmt. Break, The I.M.F., DJ Quest, MEGABUSIVE, Matt Bloom, Mike Marty, Mikos Da Gawd, Ricky Lake, Young Ocean, Mindsoup, .Tetsuo, Odd Nosdam, Ohmi, Ovrkast., Pryvet Peepsho, RUMBLE, Cyph4, OfNazareth, Rushy Gatsby, Samplelov, Slurgeon and Denley, Souls of Mischief, Tetsuo x Bonus Points, Tokay., Versâam, demahjiae, jarradcleofé, phedee


  1. Get It Right by Keese Sama, Gelapi, Nimsins on Y2k (Self-Released)
  2. Zonin' by Dailon on Zonin' - Single (Self-Released)
  3. Plain Sight by Matt Bloom on Left Coast Conference Vol 2 (77 Rise Recordings)
  4. Jewelz by Mike Marty on Jewelz (Self-Released)
  5. Echelon (20190704 Demo) by JAY3M and Denley (Unreleased)
  6. found u by jarradcleofé on B-Sides & One Offs (Self-Released)
  7. Marathon by G.C. Martin on Marathon - Single (G.C. Records)
  8. First Snow 2018 by Cyclyst on Soundcloud (N/A)
  9. psa by phedee on Soundcloud (N/A)
  10. Wrthasht by ovrkast. on Wrthasht - Single (do more.)
  11. Saber by Broken Figures on GUTTER TRUNK VOL.1 (GUTTER TRUNK)
  12. Does It Spark Joy (20190608 Demo) by Slurgeon and Denley (Unreleased)
  13. Alpines by Mikos Da Gawd, Ricky Lake, Young Ocean on Hell Yeah, Brother! (Text Me Records)
  14. Smile by demahjiae on Smile - Single (do more.)
  15. Brwnbeautee by L X S on 4 MY Players WHO GOT Played (KONWEYREKORD$)
  16. Dummy Gumbo. by Keem the Cipher on Pseudoscience (Self-Released)
  17. Big Spoon (produced by ovrkast.) by Samplelov on Big Spoon - Single (Self-Released)
  18. 24 Hours by Kero One, Julia Wu on 24 Hours - Single (Plug Label)
  19. Ask Why by DJ Effective on Soundcloud (N/A)
  20. Shine by Versâam on Pisces Tape, Vol. II (Self-Released)
  21. Untitled (20190716 Demo) by Danny G and Denley (Unreleased)
  22. U C God by Ohmi on U C God - Single (Old Soul Kollective)
  23. Ditch Cops (Instrumental) by DJ Raw B, Luke Sick on Born Illness (Instrumentals) (Clean Cut Records)
  24. Solar Eclipse by Dreego, Sxseasxns on Sun & Moon (Self-Released)
  25. Malibu by Tetsuo x Bonus Points on Malibu - Single (Self-Released)
  26. Wasteland Tales by Mindsoup, .Tetsuo on Jazzsoup, Vol. 2 (Self-Released)
  27. Sidecar by Tokay. on Sidecar - Single (Self-Released)
  28. Reign Supreme by Lmt. Break, The I.M.F., DJ Quest on Reign Supreme - Single (The Get Down Records)
  29. GET UP (produced by 3SR) by Rushy Gatsby on Soundcloud (N/A)
  30. Ill Shit by Dreego, Sxseasxns on Sun & Moon (Self-Released)
  31. Lights On (feat. Professa Gabel) by Equipto, Architect, Professa Gabel on Our 2 Cents (Solidarity Records)
  32. No Time Soon by MEGABUSIVE on No Time Soon - Single (Isolalated Wax)
  33. That's When Ya Lost (feat. Pep Love) by Souls of Mischief on 93 'til Infinity (Jive)
  34. Enemy Lines by RUMBLE, Cyph4, OfNazareth on Enemy Lines (Chinese Man Records)
  35. I Wanna Ride by Eric Boss, Gift of Gab on A Modern Love (Mocambo Records)
  36. Do Damage by Pryvet Peepsho on Peep Freqs: Pryvet Peepsho Remix Instrumentals (Self-Released)
  37. The Funk/The Boogie by BZAR on The Funk/The Boogie - Single (Self-Released)
  38. Bay by Chris Keys on Bridges (Self-Released)