silt of the 40th parallel

Lou Donaldson, Grant Green, Barney wilen


  1. if there's a hell down below (then we all got to go) by lou donaldson on cosmos (capitol)
  2. somebody new by blossom dearie on blossom dearie sings (daffodil)
  3. 40th parallel by Charlie hunter on latitude (thirsty ear )
  4. love on a two way street by Grant Green on visions (capitol records)
  5. por que te fuiste by los pasteles verdes on grandes exitos de los pasteles verdes (americana de discos)
  6. fine corinthian leather by charlie hunter on baboon strength (charlie hunter)
  7. heavy soul by ike quebec on heavy soul (bue note)
  8. negative land by NEU! on Neu! (Gronland music)
  9. soulsides by art farmer on gentle eyes (main stream)
  10. dont let me go to the dogs by R.Stevie Moore on swing and a miss (R. Stevie Moore)
  11. Blessed Relief by The Mothers on The Grand Wazoo (Bizarre)
  12. el presidiario by de los pastels verdes on grandes exitos (americana de discos)
  13. Esclavo y amo by de los pastels verdes on grand exitos (ruffhouse)
  14. anayasso by selda Mogollar on selda (finders keepers)
  15. Brothers On The Slide by Cymande on The Message (Sanctuary)
  16. maybe tomorrow by grant green on visions (capitol)
  17. chechaoun by barney wilen on moshi (1968 editions saravah)
  18. saturday by the clientele on suburban light (merge)