The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Caroline Blind & DJ Slave1 (Denver) 8/6/19


  1. The Crescent And The Star by Sunshine Blind on Love The Sky To Death (1995)
  2. Missionary by Flesh For Lulu on John Peel Sessions (1982)
  3. Eyes Shine Killidiscope by James T Pursey on Batcave: Young Limbs and Numbs Hymns (1983)
  4. Kiss (Ra Version) by London After Midnight on Psycho Magnet (1996)
  5. Feurio! by Einstürzende Neubauten on Haus Der Lüge (1989)
  6. No-One Driving by John Foxx on Metamatic (1980)
  7. God Damn The Sun by Caroline Blind on unreleased (2018)
  8. The Curse by Diary Of Dreams on Freak Perfume (2002)
  9. World In My Eyes by Depeche Mode on Violator (1989)
  10. The Beat And The Pulse by Austra on Feel It Break (2011)
  11. Iris by TR/ST on The Destroyer (Part 2) (2019)
  12. Whip by Mr Kitty on Ephemeral (2019)
  13. DMCF by Nevada Hardware on No future (2018)
  14. This Longing by Sunshine Blind on Liquid (1996)
  15. Mouth To Mouth by The Glove on Blue Sunshine (1983)
  16. Signals by Holygram on Modern Cults (2018)
  17. Go! by Tones On Tail on The Album Pop (1984)
  18. Night Of The Swallow by Kate Bush on The Dreaming (1983)