The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Xander & Textbeak (Cleveland) 8/13/19


  1. Kemir Beni by She Past Away on Belirdi Gece (2012)
  2. In Dreams Of Mine by Faith And The Muse on Vera Causa (2001)
  3. Millimillenary by Cocteau Twins on The Pink Opaque (1985)
  4. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Escape Act Video Mix) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood on Welcome To Te Pleasuredome (1984)
  5. Oxytocin by Drab Majesty on Modern Mirror (2019)
  6. Shining Road by Cranes on Loved (1994)
  7. Pagan Lovesong by Virgin Prunes on If I Die, I Die (1982)
  8. Moscoviet Musquito by Clan Of Xymox on Clsan Of Xymox (1985)
  9. Seelenschmerz by Blutengel on Seelenschmerz (2001)
  10. Brace & Bit by Earth To Mickey (2019)
  11. The Hater by 10 Speed Guillotine on Laptop Appetizers (1990)
  12. Dead Seasons (Spacial Qualifications Mix By Click Click) by Textbeak & Cyonotic on unreleased (2019)
  13. Zepar Immaculate Infection by 6th Circle on Conjuring (2018)
  14. Tears (Silent Servant Remix) by Boy Harsher on Careful Remixes (2019)
  15. Sakuro by Pastel Ghost on Ethereality (2018)
  16. Anxiety by 1919 on Futurecide (2019)