Episode 44: anticon. , pt. 2

Tonight Denley hosts the second of a two part dedication to anticon. , in his opinion one of the most influencial and important labels of the last 20 years.

From anticon.com

“Anticon’s founders came together in early 1998 as a loose group of longtime friends and near-strangers bound by an abiding love of underground rap’s freewheeling poetics and the collage aesthetics of traditional hip-hop. They were Midwestern art school drop-outs, Northeastern would-be rap moguls, and young Californian nomads who pulled up their respective roots in order to sow the seeds of their own artist-driven movement. Anticon has since evolved from a cult-revered collective to a diverse and thriving independent label, but that momentum is still felt and the guiding principal the same: advancing the cause of good music, one release at a time.

The label’s original architects continue to shape Anticon, not only as some of its most innovative artists, but as curators, A&R-ing a constantly growing international cadre of music-makers to whom traditional genre lines do not apply. The creative influences of the owners are as disparate as their hometowns, and the Anticon name today stands as much for radical hip-hop as it does for pioneering electronic music, left-field rock and outsider pop.”


13 & God, A7PHA, Alias, Doseone, Anathallo, Antonionian, Baths, Beans, Bike for Three!, D33J, Daedelus, Darc Mind, Deradoorian, Dosh & Ghostband, Josiah Wolf, Peeping Tom, Pictureplane, Raleigh Moncrief, Saroos, Serengeti, Serengeti & Polyphonic, Slugabed, Son Lux, Tha Grimm Teachaz, Thee More Shallows, s / s / s


  1. Your Neighborhood Spaceman (feat. Jel & Odd Nosdam) by Peeping Tom on Peeping Tom (anticon. / Ipecac Recordings)
  2. Outside Looking In by Darc Mind on Symptomatic of a Greater Ill (anticon.)
  3. Night At the Knight School by Thee More Shallows on Book of Bad Breaks (anticon.)
  4. Weapons by Son Lux on At War With Walls & Mazes (anticon.)
  5. Bells by Anathallo on Canopy Glow (anticon.)
  6. Lazarus Phenomenon by Bike for Three! on More Heart Than Brains (anticon.)
  7. Call the Law by Serengeti & Polyphonic on Terradactyl (anticon.)
  8. Ohioho by Josiah Wolf on Jetlag (anticon.)
  9. Hall by Baths on Cerulean (anticon.)
  10. Fog People by Saroos on See Me Not (anticon.)
  11. Grimm Teachin (feat. Fresh Greg) by Tha Grimm Teachaz on There's a Situation on the Homefront (anticon.)
  12. Sure As Debt by 13 & God on Own Your Ghost (anticon.)
  13. Deathsweater by Beans on End It All (anticon.)
  14. My Mind's I by Antonionian on Antonionian (anticon.)
  15. Tagine by Alias on Fever Dream (anticon.)
  16. Lament for Morning by Raleigh Moncrief on Watered Lawn (anticon.)
  17. Museum Day by s / s / s on Beak & Claw (anticon.)
  18. Don't Blame Steve by Serengeti on Kenny Dennis EP (anticon.)
  19. Drowning Pools by D33J on Tide Songs (anticon.)
  20. Phaedra by Baths on Obsidian (anticon.)
  21. Flat Faded by Daedelus on Drown Out (anticon.)
  22. Slow (feat. Kreyola) by D33J on Gravel (anticon.)
  23. Gold cLOUDDEAD Skiez by Alias on Indiiggo (anticon.)
  24. A Beautiful Woman by Deradoorian on The Expanding Flower Planet (anticon.)
  25. Harsh Realm by Pictureplane on Technomancer (anticon.)
  26. Produce Section by Dosh & Ghostband on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill (anticon.)
  27. Infinite Wave by Slugabed on Inherit the Earth (anticon.)
  28. Top Billin II by Alias, Doseone on Less Is Orchestra (anticon.)