The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #171

granular algorave!


  1. Atlas by Forces on Dynamics (Visit
  2. Echo Ins (Original Mix) by STAVROGIN on WNCL036 (Visit
  3. shit jungle II (ft 0h85) by Spednar on amorphaux EP [SQU004] (Visit
  4. Release by Christoph De Babalon on If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (2018 Remaster)
  5. Port Au Prince by Cage Suburbia on Cage Suburbia - Argument #02 (Visit
  6. Sirens of Titan by Reinartz on Interactions (Visit
  7. 2012/4/27 5:41-9:44 by Peter Seligman on Warmup Clips 2012-2015 (Visit
  8. Stay Let's Together by Lurka on Stay Let's Together
  9. Wanna Do It by Jimmy Edgar on DEVINE EDGAR EP (Visit
  10. Second Dori by Calum Gunn on Clipe (Visit
  11. Ternenmarz by Calum Gunn on KRX Album (Visit
  12. Padang Galaxxx by Gabber Modus Operandi on HOXXXYA (Visit
  13. DuppyKilla by I Jahbar on Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash
  14. Head Drop by Roll The Dice & Sophia Loizou on Head Drop
  15. st. Σpi 9 [+ruggedy crnk] by Brainwaltzera on Alepoch EP (Visit
  16. Constructivism by Myriam Bleau on Lumens & Profits (Visit
  17. Ersieihnum by Wolff Parkinson White on ErSieIhnum (Visit
  18. Denizen Friend by E L O N (Elon Katz) on Pneumania (Visit
  19. Meltwave by Yakui on Imni (Visit
  20. Rhythm Box Version by Soul Oddity on Odd Jobs (Schematic)
  21. Ae Systems Mono Version by Autechre on Odd Jobs (Schematic)
  22. Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth) by CZ Wang, Neo Image on Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat (Visit
  23. Watching Birds by Steve Murphy on Watching Birds EP (Visit
  24. Searchin’ by 33 1/3 Queen on 30 Years Of Rage: Part 3 & 4
  25. Turn the whole MF up by Real Motherfucker's don't talk SHIT! on The motherfuckin' LP (Visit