Rough Trade


  1. Mind Your Own Busines by Delta 5 on Singles & Sessions (Rough Trade)
  2. DC-10 by Kleenex on Liliput (Rough Trade)
  3. Lola by The Raincoats on The Raincoats (Rough Trade)
  4. The Glittering Prizes by Television Personalities on ...And Don't the Kinds Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  5. Credit In The Straight World by Young Marble Giants on Young Marble Giants (Rough Trade)
  6. Cattle and Cane by The Go-Betweens on Before Hollywood (Rough Trade)
  7. I'll Keep It With Mine by Rainy Day on Rainy Day (Rough Trade)
  8. The Boy Wonders by Aztec Camera on High Land, Hard Rain (Rough Trade)
  9. The Sweetest Girl by Scritti Politti on Early (Rough Trade)
  10. Kiss Off by Violent Femmes on Violent Femmes (Rough Trade)
  11. Smile by The Fall on Perverted By Language (Rough Trade)
  12. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo by Pere Ubu on 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Rough Trade)
  13. Sly Doubt by Cabaret Voltaire on Red Mecca (Rough Trade)
  14. S.P.Q.R. by This Heat on Deceit (Rough Trade)