Episode 63 : K'in Sventa Hosts

ASTU, Aki Kumar, Asonic Garcia, Blue Tomorrows, Cheflee, Comadre, D-Styles, Excess, Mike Boo, Pryvet Peepsho, Daniel Johnsson, Jonathan Delehanty, Karen Less, LI XI, Laraaji, Matthewdavid's Mindflight, Mejiwahn, Melanie Charles, Randy McPhly, Roy Orb D.MT., Salami Rose Joe Louis, Sam Wilkes, Secret Sidewalk, Spote Breeze, Stefen Lazer, Wizard Apprentice, red light, zeroh


  1. common core by secret sidewalk on primal dap (primal dap)
  2. does anyone knock anymore by secret sidewalk on does anyone knock anymore (self release)
  3. Hamlets Remix (Featuring P.O.S & Atlas) by Comadre on mixtape 5 (blood town)
  4. Dum Maaro Dum by aki kumar on Dum Maaro Dum (needle to the groove)
  5. roots by ASTU on Patterns (Self-Released)
  6. Paperheart by ASTU on Patterns (Self-Released)
  7. ghost weather by stefen lazer on karma (77 rise)
  8. u on my soul by stefen lazer on karma (77 rise)
  9. Hug by Sam Wilkes on WILKES (Leaving Records)
  10. Stubborn Optimist by Spote Breeze on not aloud (hot record societe)
  11. ovrkast. by red light
  12. sun ll moon by asonic garcia on Umaga (SICKONASTY)
  13. Cassionova by Salami Rose Joe Louis, Cheflee on Zlaty Sauce Nephew (Hot Record Societé)
  14. Snakeskin Boots by Daniel Johnsson on Tom's Hot Dog Stand​/​Tracks to Pinky's (Cindys Tapes)
  15. Fountain Valley by LI XI on LI XI (Sundowning)
  16. Keep It Cool by Wizard Apprentice on Keep It Cool (Practical Records)
  17. funktown lullaby by Karen Less on Love Is On The Way (long road society)
  18. Broke [Swarvy Blend] by Spote Breeze on Broke [Swarvy Blend] (Hot Record Societé)
  19. Rubies and Sapphires by Randy McPhly on The M.O.M. Project (Self-Released)
  20. Sapo w/ Don Mock by mejiwahn on Lúil Ó Fadó (Hot Record Societé)
  21. resolution by Mike Boo on Dunhill Drone Committee (Alpha Pup Records)
  22. sound of moving by Blue Tomorrows on Without Color (moon glyph)
  23. Intra Ecstasy by Roy Orb D.MT. on Doctor Of Metaphysical Healing (moon glyph)
  24. The Poorly Tempered Casio by Jonathan Delehanty on Prisms Opposed To Prudence (moon glyph)
  25. Marie Cyril by zeroh on 0 EMISSIONS (leaving records)
  26. trynasmoke by zeroh on 0 EMISSIONS (leaving records)
  27. TUF​.​luv by zeroh on 0 EMISSIONS (leaving records)
  28. GOHEADASS by zeroh on 0 EMISSIONS (leaving records)
  29. citrus butter by D-Styles, Excess, Mike Boo & Pryvet Peepsho on 545 (Apertivo Records)
  30. Seabirdies by Cheflee on Hawaii Tape (Self-Released)
  31. Be on My Side (feat. Mejiwahn) by Melanie Charles on The Girl with the Green Shoes (hot record societe)
  32. Venusian Sunset by Matthewdavid's Mindflight on Trust The Guide And Glide (Leaving Records)
  33. Lotus Collage by Laraaji on Lotus Collage (leaving records)