The British Are Coming 08-25-2019

Friend Within! Metronomy! Catholic Action! Ride! black midi + MORE!


  1. Holy by Frightened Rabbit on Pedestrian Verse (Atlantic Records)
  2. Propaganda by Catholic Action on in memory of (Modern Sky UK)
  3. Walking In The Dark by Metronomy on Metronomy Forever (Because Music)
  4. Letter From Hampi Mountain - Edit by Snapped Ankles on letter from hampi mountain (the leaf label ltd)
  5. Islands by Gravenhurst on the ghost in daylight (warp records)
  6. Cops And Robbers by Razorlight on cops and robbers (atlantic culture)
  7. Showroom by Milburn on well well well (mercury records limited)
  8. Waiting by Friend Within on waiting (toolroom productions)
  9. Not The News by Thom Yorke on ANIMA (XL Recordings)
  10. DADA Pt. 1 - Terr Remix by Fort Romeau on DADA (Correspondant)
  11. Superfood by Superfood on don't say that (infectious music)
  12. Goodnight by Dry Cleaning on goodnight (It's Ok)
  13. Money by LIFE on money (grand jury music)
  14. Listen, Little Man! by The Futureheads on listen, little man! (Nul records)
  15. Currency Transfer by Gross Net on quantitative easing (Touch Sensitive)
  16. Bury Me by Girls Names on dead to me (slumberland records llc)
  17. Watching Me by Glossii on watching Me (SR)
  18. Clouds of Saint Marie by Ride on this is not a safe place (Witchita)
  19. religion (u can lay your hands on me) - gabe gurnsey remix by Shura on Religion (Secretly Canadian)
  20. November 2011 by Percussions on 2011 - 2014 (Text Records)
  21. Ducter by black midi on Schlagenheim (Rough Trade)
  22. Offline (with Friend Within) by Friendly Fires on Inflorescent (Polydor)
  23. Hot Motion by Temples on hot motion (ato records)
  24. Young Star Cluster by Lone on abraxas (ancient astronauts)
  25. Transactional Relationship by Gold Panda on Transactional Relationship (city slang)
  26. Other by Forest Drive West on Blue 05 (Whities)