transfiguration #107 worship at temple of the dog mix (tina burner)


  1. Torisashimai(Out of Chill Reconstruction by ENITOKWA) by CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR on Life Is Treasure Remix
  2. Nautilus by Heavenly Music Corporation on Lunar Phase
  3. UTA I - Making of Cyborg by Kenji Kawai on Ghost in the Shell
  4. Magical Insect by INOYAMALAND on COLLECTING NET
  5. Strategie '98 by Iron Curtis on And the Temper
  6. Gain and Lose by Kiki Hitomi on Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun
  7. Brother by Sierra on Together
  8. Lusk by Jtamul on Lubuni
  9. Imetumu by Jigga on iliiiilii
  10. Teta 7hz (Tool) [feat. DeForrest Brown Jr.] by Aïsha Devi on S.L.F.
  11. World of Fantasy by Mythril Spectre on Once Through an Ancient Archway
  12. Rain by Kamikaze Space Programme on Dead Skin Cells
  13. New Age by 2814 on Lost Fragments
  14. Observation Deck by Multicast Dynamics on Lost World
  15. Shattering Metals by Ross Alexander on Memorias Vol.2: High Atlas to the Sahara Desert
  16. Theia by Otik on Dioxide
  17. Rassvet by Discotopia on "Magnolia"
  18. Clstlbng by Tracey on Biostar
  19. Hand in Hand (Pariah Remix) by Erell Ranson on Hand In Hand
  20. Murmuration by Avian Comfort on Weekender
  21. No Soldiers by Internazionale on Avatar in Life
  22. On Your Shore by Enya on Watermark
  23. The Ceiling Is Beautiful by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein on Stranger Things 3
  24. Barcaloni by Defled on Ritual Rhythms (Of the Obscure Mediterranean Souls)
  25. Life Force Energy by Mini Esco on Life Force Energy
  26. Eyes Glide Through the Oxide by Ondo Fudd on Eyes Glide Through the Oxide
  27. Jabanese Small Flute by Marble on Criminal Russia
  28. Gaeulga by June Hyeok on Yeomyeong
  29. Switch by Unjin and Sunji on Tonal Unity, Vol. 1
  30. Suite For Jupiter by M.J. Lallo on Take Me with You
  31. Forest by Inner Travels on Nature Spirit