Vacation Vibes


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  1. Hot Sick Vile and Fun by The Gonks on Hot Sick Vile and Fun (Rocks In Your Head) $ Buy
  2. If I Could See You Now by Holy Hive on f I Could See You Now (Big Crown Records) $ Buy
  3. Where Do We Go From Here by The Mighty Mocambos on Where Do We Go From Here (Legere Recordings) $ Buy
  4. Don't Look Back by Them on The (Exile) $ Buy
  5. Dance Away Your Ego by Johnathan Rado on Law and Order (Woodsist) $ Buy
  6. In The Air by Allah-Las on In the Air (Mexican Summer) $ Buy
  7. Henry VII by The Tyde on Twice (Rough Trade) $ Buy
  8. Awaiting On You All by George Harrison on All Things Must Pass (Apple) $ Buy
  9. Walkin' by Patti Whipp on Walkin' Be Gone (-) $ Buy
  10. Hit The Ground Running by Smog on Knock Knock (Drag City) $ Buy
  11. Book In Heaven by Cindy on Hot Sick Vile and Fun (Rocks in Your Head) $ Buy
  12. I Turned My Back On The Written Word by Generationals on I Turned My Back On The Written Word (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  13. Big Enough by Amanaz on Africa (-) $ Buy
  14. Sophisticated Space by Sidney Gish on No Dogs Allowed (Sidney Gish) $ Buy
  15. Check My Machine by Paul McCartney on McCartney II (MPL Communication) $ Buy
  16. Tai Anh Hay Tai Em by Huang Cu'o'ng on Saigon Supersound 2 (-) $ Buy
  17. Until the Dawn by The Fentones on Simla Beat Theme (Nuggets) $ Buy
  18. Mr. Harriott by Jr Thomas and the Volcanos on Rockstone (-) $ Buy
  19. Rocks Off by The Rolling Stones on Exile on Main Street (-) $ Buy
  20. Walkin' Cryin' Blues by Jackie Lee Cochran on The Rollin' Rock Recordings (Part Records) $ Buy
  21. Everybody Sexorino by Les Sexorinos on Live! In Bed (Sympathy) $ Buy
  22. Honetown by Aina Haina on Second Best (Badman Recordings) $ Buy
  23. The Way You Do The Things You Do by The United Souls on YIA Talent (New World) $ Buy
  24. Groovin by Carla and the Carlettes on YIA Talent Hunt Winners (Big Crown Records) $ Buy
  25. Am I A Good Man by Them Two on Am I A Good Man (Numero Group) $ Buy
  26. Stand on the Word by Joubert Singers on Unabombers: Electric Chair Saved My Life (Tirk) $ Buy
  27. Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder on I Don't Speak the Language (1983) $ Buy
  28. Back In the Day by Ahmad Lewis on Ahmad (-) $ Buy