The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #173



  1. When Prophecy Fails by Barker on Debiasing (Visit
  2. 073 by kindohm
  3. Alter-Rate 4 by Automatisme on Rate (Visit
  4. insignificant channel by dog jetski on summer minidisc (Visit
  5. Oh, My Sensor Has Become Damaged by Mathiasen on A Grace Beyond Our Skies (Visit
  6. Stem4bcc by Diptera on 001 (antenna)
  7. Lockedinsince by CLYDE on My Brain & Other Animals (Visit
  8. AM by Turning Torso on Circadian (Visit
  9. Bodied by Lurka on Stay Let's Together
  10. Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth) by CZ Wang, Neo Image on Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat (Visit
  11. Branching by Reinartz on Interactions (Visit
  12. Casey Asked Me Am I Angry by Lil Data on Folder Dot Zip (PC Music)
  13. Leftovers Cube by Yaws on The Hollow Hum
  14. The Folds by Daniel Katinsky on Digital Concrete (Visit
  15. Special by AceMo on All My Life (Visit
  16. Things You Do For Love by APIENTO on Things You Do For Love (Visit
  17. Sweet Harmony by The Beloved on Conscience
  18. Breakdown Wo! by Language on In The Lab EP (Visit
  19. Lysergic by Junq on Altered State EP (Visit
  20. Rimshot by DJ Hyperactive on Analog 06 Midwest Acid Harvest (Visit
  21. rave_draft (take 6) by co34pt on Half-Live for Conditional Records (Conditional)
  22. Don't Go by Awesome 3 on Don't Go (XL Recordings Ltd.)
  23. Cracked by Demdike Stare on Passion (Modern Love)
  24. Global Network by Deapmash on Global Network Connections (Visit
  25. "grind me until I'm about to cum" << (male sexuality is algorhythmic) by SIMARA & YASHA on hologram summer (Visit