Episode 64: Denley Hosts

A-1, Allen Kass, Telli Prego, Monk HTS, Michael Marshall, AristotleTheGreat, Astu, Broken Figures, Butter Man, Denley, Dregs One, Ill Sugi, Friends from Japan, GLO aka Sainte Lueur, Gabe Zapata, Hieroglyphics, Isaiah McLane, Jada Imani, Jay Stone, Jillesque, Johnie Clevelamd, Keese Sama, Lana Shea, Money B & Young Hump, Najee Amaranth, Odd Nosdam, Phillipdrummond, Chris Keys, Speekup, RITCHRD, STILLSHINE, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Secret Sidewalk, Spote Breeze, Stanley Ipkuss, The Pendletons, Tyler Holmes, Whyf, Érica Mar


  1. Ghosts of the Plunge by Friends from Japan on Ghosts of the Plunge (Self-Released)
  2. Lineage (feat. Phill Ward) [Excerpt] by Denley on Lineage (feat. Phill Ward) [Forthcoming] (City Trees Recordings)
  3. Sitting with Thoughts by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
  4. Two Tylers by Tyler Holmes on Devil (Ratskin Records)
  5. Dry Wall by GLO aka Sainte Lueur on Soundcloud
  6. Slice of Pie by Isaiah McLane on Lips (YungRichVegans ENT)
  7. Lullaby (feat. Almani) [prod by ovrkast.] by Keese Sama on Soundcloud
  8. Slow Motion (feat. Pdrow & Jems) by STILLSHINE on Soundcloud
  9. Skyfall by Phillipdrummond, Chris Keys, Speekup on Skyfall (Coast2CoastHipHop)
  10. p9 33 by Odd Nosdam on Plan 9 ...Meat Your Hypnotis (Reissue) (Dome of Doom)
  11. Sifu (Prod. Mikos Da Gawd, Mr. Carmack and Woostaar) by A-1 on Sifu (Prod. Mikos Da Gawd, Mr. Carmack and Woostaar) (Self-Released)
  12. Down Market Street by Dregs One, Ill Sugi on Thought Process (Audio Vandals, LLC)
  13. Cake Day by Butter Man on Cake Day (Self-Released)
  14. ALL WORK NO PLAY FO (beat tape) by AristotleTheGreat on Soundcloud
  15. Best of You by Allen Kass, Telli Prego, Monk HTS, Michael Marshall on Best of You (Live Your Dreams Entertainment)
  16. Rumors (feat. Khemmeta) by Broken Figures on Soundcloud
  17. Sunset by Gabe Zapata on 19ep (Old Soul Kollective)
  18. Battle of the Shadow by Hieroglyphics on Over Time (Hiero Imperium)
  19. Just How I Felt (Produced by Shungu and Mejiwahn) by Spote Breeze on Soundcloud
  20. writersblock (feat. DooF) by Stanley Ipkuss on Soundcloud
  21. G 4 U by Astu on G 4 U (Boyish Records)
  22. Kiss the Sky by Johnie Clevelamd on Kiss the Sky (Self-Released)
  23. Running Away by The Pendletons on Running Away (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
  24. Home by Jillesque on Insieme (Self-Released)
  25. Take Control (feat. Shruggs, Jjaahz, Queens D. Light & Lauren Dupreé) [Remix] by Jay Stone on Take Control (feat. Jjaahz, Queens D. Light & Lauren Dupreé) (West Grand Records)
  26. Thyself (Max Kane Remix) by Lana Shea on Thyself (Max Kane Remix) (4onefunk Records)
  27. Gazelle by Whyf on Gazelle (Self-Released)
  28. Winona Ghost Ryder by Érica Mar on Soundcloud
  29. Be Cool by Money B & Young Hump on Be Cool (ALL MONS PRODUCTIONS)
  30. Bumaye by Najee Amaranth on Father of the Year (Self-Released)
  31. Common Core by Secret Sidewalk on Primal Dap (Forthcoming) (Primal Dap Sound)
  32. Family over Everything by Jada Imani on Family over Everything (Self-Released)
  33. Hold Up by RITCHRD on Hold Up (Out of Respect Records)