Jam Gemz #34


  1. Lost Without by Kindness, Seinabo Sey on Something Like A War (Female Energy)
  2. papi chulo by Avalon Lurks on Papi Chulo (Metropolitan Indian)
  3. Mer du Japon - The Teenagers Remix by Air, The Teenagers on Mer du Japon (Aircheology)
  4. Karmacoma by Massive Attack on Protection (Virgin)
  5. Shangri-La by SPEECHLESS on Shangri-La (Speak Less, Listen More)
  6. drink i'm sipping by yaeji on drink i'm sip (GODMODE)
  7. Maraka by May East on Outro Tempo II (Music From Memory)
  8. Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth on Bippp: French Synthwave 1979-85 (Born Bad)
  9. Trampoline - Saint Etienne Remix by Kero Kero Bonito on Bonito Generation (Self Released)
  10. Luv(sic.) pt3 (feat. Shing02) by Nujabes, Shing02 on Modal Soul (Hydeout Production)
  11. Sake Rock by Martin Denny on Quiet Village (Perennial)
  12. Atlas Air by Massive Attack on Heligoland (Virgin Records)
  13. Break
  14. I'm Not in Love by Song Sung on Late Night Tales: David Holmes (Night Time Stories Ltd.)
  15. Paradise of Replica by After Dinner on Late Night Tales: David Holmes (Night Time Stories Ltd.)
  16. Unison by Björk on Vespertine (Elektra Entertainment)
  17. I Only Have Eyes for You by Tashaki Miyaki on Lagniappe Sessions, Vol. 1 (Light In The Attic)
  18. Hikari by Jishle on Hikari (969915 Records DK)
  19. Ca Balance by Juniore on Ouh La La (La Phonographe)
  20. Fire By The River by Harumi on Harumi (ODL)
  21. Welcome To Japan by The Strokes on Comedown Machine (RCA)
  22. Japanese Farewell Song by Martin Denny on Exotica Volume II (Capitol Records)
  23. Sayonara Complex by CHAI on Pink (Sony)
  24. Kakashi by Yasuaki Shimizu on Kakashi (Nippon Columbia)
  25. River's Island by Kiyotaka Sugiyama & OMEGA TRIBE on River's Island (VAP INC.)