Tuff Signals


  1. Titty Logic by Sammi Lanzetta on Titty Logic (6131 Records)
  2. LPs by Jeffrey Lewis on LPs (Self Released)
  3. Don't Save Me by Clark and the Himselfs on Pot Sounds (Scavenger Cult)
  4. D'Dogchild by Slam Dunk on In Hell (Self Released)
  5. Almanac by The Living Eyes (Anti Fade)
  6. Mould Lines by Thigh Master on Now For Example (Goner Records)
  7. Domino by Summer Flake on Seasons Change (Rice is Nice Records)
  8. Expiration Date by Boy Scouts on Free Company (Anti-Records)
  9. Eyes in Dark Corners by Dusk on Dusk (Don Giovanni Records)
  10. My Heart Dreams by Black Belt Eagle Scout on at the party with my brown friends (Saddle Creek Records)
  11. Colder by Lilith on Safer Off (Self Released)
  12. Out of the Shadows by Vanessa Silberman on Brighter In Bloom (Resurrection Records)
  13. Medio Litro by Cosmonauts on Star 69 (Burger Records)
  14. Rubber by Patti on Good Big LP (Erste Theke)
  15. Desire by Bichkraft on Desire b/w Rod (Wharf Cat Records)
  16. Not by Big Thief on Two Hands (4AD)
  17. Big Tiger by Warm Red on Big Tiger b/w S.A.M (Chunklet Industries)
  18. Coast by The Hussy on Looming (Dirtnap Records)
  19. Crooked Cop by The Ghost Wolves on Crooked Cop EP (Third Man Records)
  20. Dating? by Desert Sharks on Baby's Gold Death Stadium (Substitute Scene)
  21. Potholes by Crayon Fields on Animal Bells (Chapter Music)
  22. Vision Quest by Paint Thinner on Hagioscope to the Heart (OBLEK)
  23. Onda by Guaxe on Guaxe (OAR)
  24. Rio Sueltos by Y La Bamba on Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving Empire)
  25. Sombra Ou Duvida by Boogarians on Sombrou Dúvida (OAR)
  26. Microcosmo by Bonifrate on Lady Remedios (Self Released)
  27. Automatic by Los Pepes on Automatic/Here Comes The Darkness (Self Released)
  28. G by Bars of Gold on Shelters (Equal Vision Records)
  29. Dry Out by Church Girls on Cycles (Chatterbot Records)
  30. Match Bet by Squid on Town Centre - EP (Speedy Wunderground)
  31. Windy by Ryan Weitzel on Skies EP (Exit Stencil Records)
  32. Sit Still by Strangepride on We'll Take It From Here (Self Released)